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Why we need One Autel TPMS MaxiTPMS TS601?

It has become very difficult for tire shops nowadays to keep up with the dizzying variety of OEM sensors, and even impossible to stock the incredible number of OEM sensors that would be required to cover the market. In addition, the original TPMS sensors with sealed battery generally last for 6-8 years. With a large-scale of sensors in use for six years now, the first wave of battery failure is starting to appear. That means an enormous number of sensors will have to be replaced in the next few year.
Autel’s MaxiTPMS diagnostic scan tool series come just in time to quite literally save all troubles. The MaxiTPMS system consists of the programmable MX-Sensors that cover both 315MHz and 433MHz radio bands, a professional OBDII TPMS diagnostic tool is able to relearn vehicle ECUs and program the MX-sensors, plus a convenient programming accessory device to perform fast sensor testing and cloning. In short it covers all that is needed to deliver comprehensive TPMS service. The MaxiTPMS series is aimed at simplifying TPMS services to help you solve problems more easily and efficiently, and enhance your profitability.
Activation Copying And Programming 28
315MHz And 433MHz 0001
There are 3 basic procedures for solving most of the daily TPMS repair scenarios you may encounter:
  1. Activating TPM sensors.
  2. Cloning a set of TPM sensors.
  3. Creating a new set of TPM sensors.
Car model and year for example:
Porsche Cayenne 2009-2010
Tool to use:
Autel MaxiTPMS tool TS601
Autel 315 MHz MX-sensor
Autel MaxiTPMS Pad
Now we are going to show you how the MaxiTPMS tools interface with each other to complete these procedures quickly and easily.
Good feedback of Autel TPMS MaxiTPMS TS601:
Does what it says! TPMS Toyota Tacoma 2017 programmed
Work fine. Menu little cumbersome. Wish you could push TPMS of all 4 wheels on Tacoma to ECU. Maybe you can but I could not figure out how so scanned, wrote down and hand entered them then pushed to ECU. All worked after that. Needed to change winter rims to summer and did not have scan or numbers of new rims. Sure it will pay itself off instead of going to dealer over time. Tnx..
Combo TPMS / ODB-II for ‘any’ vehicle.
It’s great to only have to have one tool to read/troubleshoot the TPMS system and to be able to read the codes/info on the ODB-II bus. And it is usable on any vehicle due to large installed vehicle data base. The TPMS does the full range of tasks, from just reading a wheel, to 4 (5 if you have a spare) wheel comparison, to full blown diagnostics and the ability to, clear errors, do a relearn, to actually changing the ID number of a TPM.
I highly recommend this tool, even for the weekend mechanic. You’ll be able to help out your friends now.
Works on the Scion FR-S
Worked on my 2015 Scion FR-S with no issues. Now I can swap back and forth between my Summer and Winter sets while keeping my TPMS working and never needing to go to the dealer to re-learn the sensors.
Yes, there are no real in-depth instructions but was able to find videos online and figured out how to use it just fine.
Autel TPMS MaxiTPMS TS601 Christmas big sale:here
Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 1
This is a full function professional level scan tool and programming tool for tpms. It works great and does everything as promised.