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Xtool EZ500 Review: Works Fast

A reviews from Xtool EZ500 user
I’ve only had Xtool EZ500 pad for a few days, and will update my review as I get more familiar with mine, but so far I’m very impressed.


The unit appears to be built very well and has a solid, professional feel to it. Activating / registering it online was simple and only took a few minutes.


The carrying case is well designed and well built, and carries the scanner and all the adapters, cables, charger, etc. very well (though for convenience I’ll probably get a small case just large enough for the scanner / cable / OBD2 adapter / charger since that’s what I’ll be using 90% of the time.)


Last weekend, i had it on Ford Mondeo 2011. Read and clear fault codes. Work fast.


Look here: i attached photos here


Open “USAFORD V10.11” software and choose “Automatic selection”.
 xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (2)

It reads vehicle information including car model, car year, capacity, engine type and VIN number
 xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (3)

Click on “DIAG” then choose “Auto Scan” function.
 xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (4)
 xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (5)

Now XTOOL EZ500 is scanningfull systems and modules to test the car.

xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (6)
Here, there are DTC codes in ACM, BCM and PCM modules.

I read and clear DTC fault codes.

xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (7)
xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (8)
xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (9)
Click “Read Codes” then “Retrieve CMDTCs”

XTOOL EZ500 pad read Ford Mondeo Powertrain Control Module DTC codes.

xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (10)
xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (11)
xtool-ez500-ford-mondeo-2011 (12)



Today, I have EZ500 on a 2008 Jeep Wrangler and 2001 Ford Sport Trac


2008 Jeep Wrangler: read PIN code & program keys and appears to be accessing all other modules on that vehicle.

2001 Ford Sport Trac: access all functions well.

I test it and it can record and playback live data.

It is really good and when it can diagnosis reports in PDF file.


Also, on both of these vehicles it appeared to work fast.


If it proves to be durable, I think it is well worth the price