Yanhua MB CAN Filter 18 in 1 User Manual

This is a user manual of Yanhua Mercedes-Benz CAN filter 18 in 1, including installation/connection instruction and vehicles available.

yh-mb-can-filter yh-mb-can-filter-18-in-1


How to use YH MB CAN Filter:

This Mercedes Benz can filter should be added to the car after odometer adjustment for most chassis model, EXCEPT for W222/205/447. The three chassis models should be added MB can filter before odometer correction.


MB CAN Filter 18 in 1 Support Model:

S (W222) C (W205) V (W447)

S (W221) C (W204) E (W212)

E (W207) A (W176) G (W46)3

ML (W166) SL (R231) GL (X166)

B (W246) CLS (W218) SLK (R172)

SLS (W197) CLA (W117) GLK (X204)