V108 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool with WIFI Wireless Card Best Quality

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Product Description

Ford VCM II diagnostic tool with WIFI card is the most powerful professional scan tool for Ford. It is available for connecting with your computer by WIFI. Diagnose and programmer of Ford till 2015 year are supported.
This Tool can work with Latest Version Software
V108 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool with WIFI Wireless Card Best Quality 
Multi-Language: English, German, Spanish, Spanish(Mexico), Italy, French, French (Canada), Greece, Finland, Slovenia, Danmark ,Czechic, Chinese(Taiwan), Chinese(China), Amer English, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Poland, Norwegian, Holand, Korea, Japanese, Indian, Hungary

1) Software Version: V108. Software is updated by CD or software download link. V108 cannot support wifi. If want to use wifi, please use V86 Version.
Attention: When you install the software, please set up the software installtion date before 2015.9. If your software is older than V96 and you want to use new software, you need to send the main unit back to us to update to the latest version. Then can use this software. 
Software download link: http://www.OBDexpress.co.uk/service/vcm-ii-diagnostic-tool-for-ford-technical-support-8346.html

This Tool can work with Latest Version Software
Ford V115 Software: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/ford-vcm-ids-v108.01-software.html

2) WIFI Function (Only available for IDS Software V86)
This Ford VCM II has WIFI card inself. You can directly use this WIFI function. No need to buy additional WIFI card.

3) Ford specialed scanner
As the newest Ford OEM diagnostic tool. Ford VCM II provides full dealer diagnostic capabilities for most 16 pin Fords, including all new 2015 Ford vehicles

4)Highly recommend OBDSTAR H100 Ford/Mazda Car Key Programmer, Work via OBD2, no pin code need.

Ford VCM II Function:
1. Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
2. Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
3. Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
4. New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
5. Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
6. Automatic vehicle recognition
7. All Other Dealer Functions
8. Guided Fault Finding
9. Steering Angle Resets
10. Program New Keys
11. DPF Regeneration
12. Brake Bleeding
13. Injector Coding
Ford VCM II Features:
1. The VCM II is the brand new diagnostics interface from Ford for use with the Integrated Diagnostics Software (IDS).
2. The VCM II is the new Ford OEM diagnostic tool. It provides dealer-level diagnostics using the IDS software.                                                         
3. The VCM II and IDS, along with a dedicated laptop, provides full dealer diagnostic capabilities for most 16 pin Fords.                                                            
4. The VCM II will be required for all new 2013 Ford vehicles and is backwards compatible with most 16 pin Fords.
5. The VCM II supports the Vehicle Measurement Module (VMM) and new Customer Flight Recorder (CFR).                                           
6. The VCM II has shock resistant rubber ends, making it suitable for garage and workshop environments.                                         
7. The CFR replaces the Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR).                                                                                                                         
8. The CFR is an optional cable that allows the VCM II to monitor and record live data streams. This provides an advantage for technicians when diagnosing

What is the difference for all Ford VCM 2?
Item number SP177 SP177-1 SP177-C SP177-C1 SP177-C2 SP239-B SP10-D SP10-T
Software V101 V111 V108 V98 V97 V97 IDS V86 JLRV145 IDS V86 JLRV145
Software Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford and Mazda Ford, mazda, Land rover, jaguar Ford, mazda, Land rover, jaguar
Quality Ordinary B A A B Ordinary stable stable
Update Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NO NO
pin code calculator NO NO NO NO NO NO YES YES
SP239-B has the difference working method as others. Quality A has the best quality. For ford VCM II which do not have WIFI adapter, if you need WIFI function, you need to buy the WIFI D-link Wireless card. Now vcm ii software adds VMware software inside. Best way is install the VMware first, then install the software on VMware. If you do not want VMware, you can choose the way without vmware to install.

What should you pay attention to install V97 VCM II FORD software:

Change your PC time before 2015.9 and setup your PC time zone to USA. It has two ways for software installation, here is the detailed instruction and advantage:

1) Best way install the software via VMware
If your PC has 2G RAM or more, then can use this one. For VMware, once you setup PC software installation time before 2015.9, then it will not be changed. Thus, no need you change PC time or frozen software. First install software from V86 to V96, then install V97. After done, then test this software with your car. Another advantage for this installation is, because this software no need frozen, when new software release in the future, you can go on to install the new software, just like this v96 finish installation and install V97.

2) Install the software without VMware
If you do not want to use VMware installation way, you can use this way to install. Still change PC installation time before 2015.9, then install V86 first. Then go on to install the next version. When you install the next software, usually it has 3 days, such as V96, when you install V96 ready, test it with your car, if it can work normally, go on to install V97 within 3 days. After done, frozen the software. Another disvantage for this is, because software is frozen, for next new version, maybe it cannot go on to install. Such as if you frozen V96 software, then cannot go on to install V97 VCM II software on the same PC.

How to solve VCM2 IDS USB device, language, license, drive issues

FYI, you’d read tips here if you have lots of issues with you VCM II IDS like "unknown USB device", language setup failure, "no valid license" and the like.
A lot of issues:
- try with V86 versión, when I plug in the USB give me this error "unknown USB device"...

- download VMWare V93 from this fórums it is on Russian and I can't change the language...

- try to install V92 like I saw on cardcodereaders through Youtube...
But even I put 31/10/2014 it says "no valid license"

note: I have format several times and tried with W7 Ultimate, W7 starter, W7 Pro... and always the same. Never works even if I always have in the BIOS the same date: October 31th of 2014

I cant install a XP because I have no drivers for it.
Advice & Suggestion:
IDS saves information to the master boot record of the hard drive, just reinstalling windows won't fix it. Either purchase a genuine license or you have to delete the hard drive partitions to rebuild the MBR and then reinstall windows. It is much easier to acquire VMWare Workstation 10 / 11 to install a copy of Windows 7 that you will use solely for IDS as you can make backup copies in case you goof up something.

What date you use is irrelevant as long as you continue to use the same date. Start with IDS version 91 -> upgrade to 94 (Use the VCM II firmware from this version) -> upgrade to 96 (now the newest IDS is version 109). You can start with an older IDS version if you want the old calibration catalogs, using this method will require you to download any calibration files you need if you plan to do any module programming. Additionally, if you don't purchase a valid license and are using a trial your IDS cannot acquire these files automatically over the internet.
Maybe you could have a try with IDS software from Chinese. They help IDS without expiration and no license issues. Sometimes, if you have good luck, remote tech support is available also, help such as remote installation, language setup and the like

Packing List:
1pc x VCM2 interface
1pc x OBD2 cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Wireless Adapter
1pc x carton box

PCB board display:

vcm 2 ii pcb board quality a

Original PCMTUNER Magic Car Tool ECU Programmer

Xhorse & Autel & Lonsdor Remote Key

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China Warehouse Shipping:
DHL Shipping: 3-5 working days. Usually we declare a lower value on DHL invoice to help with customs clearance. Please remember to leave message if you have any special requirement.
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How to install ford vcmII V98 software on VMware

Tech Service

1. How to update VCM II to latest V97
2.FAQ/solution about Ford vcm II
3.How to use Ford VCM 2 unit with Mazda IDS software
4.Ralated tenichcal posts
1. How to update your VCM II FORD to latest V97 version?

VCM 2 Dagnostic tool for Ford V97 software free download: http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/IDS/IDS-97.01_Full.exe

For ALL ford VCM II, if yours firmware can use V96 software. Then can use this v97 software. Because from V96 software, VCM II firmware updated to the new version. If your firmware is not the new version. Then cannot use V96 software, as well for V97. Please pay attention!!

If your software is installed from old version, first install V81, then V91, it has 3 days probation, after frozen the software, then install V96. After done, then install V97.
For customers which has already used V96 currently, can directly install V97, after install and update the firmware ready, then can directly use VCM II diagnose your car.

How to update the firmware:
1) Find this button on the main unit and KEEP to press it

how to update the firmware for VCM II VCMII
2) Make sure that button is pressed continuouslly, connect the main unit with power. Wait until all the light is on. Then release the button and let it go. Then connect the main unit with PC via USB cable.

how to update the firmware for VCM II VCMII

3) Open the VCM II software you have installed successfully, it will prompt you to update the firmware.

how to update the firmware for VCM II VCMII

how to update the firmware for VCM II VCMII

4) After firmware is updated ready, then reboot your PC. Connect the VCM II with your PC and car. Now you can diagnose your car.

how to update the firmware for VCM II VCMII
2.Here is a brief summary of FAQ/solution about Ford vcm II

1)FAQ/solution of v86
Q: Ford v86 vcm II wifi wireless card connected with USB works well, but it don’t function properly when Ford vcm II is connected with D-Link USB wifi. Of course, D-Link USB’s adapter is good that D-Link USB wifi adapterconnected with computer can work normally, but vcm’s lights don’t flash any more when D-Link USB connected with vcm II. In addition, it’s also useless that I try to change a D-Link USB wif adapter to connect with vcm II. What’s wrong?
A: please send a printscreen of software version to me for a check.
Q: The software version is v86.
A: You should open the cover of back machine and find the button, then press it all the  time , next to link machine to the car, lastly to move away from the bottom. It’s time to link device to computer by USB and then open the software, which will remind you to update your device. No doubt, you should do it as that message. (Please note: You must use v86 version, because the process is software and hardware to update together.)
Q: Can Ford vcm II v86 diagnose 1996 year E-350 Ekonorain car?
A: It’s up to your car type, car or truck. You maybe could have a try if your car is a standard OBD port.
Q: For Ford vcm II, v86 software was installed on Win7 64 bit computer successfully. However, vcm II didn’t communicate with computer normally. I firstly tried W-LAN communication, which worked orderly about 10 seconds, then something was wrong resulting in no communication and two LED lights stopping flashing. What’s more, W-LAN port of computer worked well but W-LAN port of mainframe was out of order. In response to these matters, I attempted to link device to computer with 16pin line. To my disappointment, the result wasn’t what I expected, what should I do?
A: Change Win7 into the Window XP to reinstall software .
2)FAQ/solution of v98
Q: The lights of Ford vcm IIv98 diagnostic tool can’t flash and it doesn’t work when vcm is connected with the car. Is vcm broken?
A: You only need to change the electric condenser.
Q: Whether vcm II v98 IDS can be returned to mainframe paying for changing chip and updating.
A: Normal procedure is you must send the device to factory to update if you would like to update your version to v96. The detailed procedure is as follows: Firstly, need to pay the bill, and buyer will tell us how much you pay. Secondly, the returned device must be our machine, besides, we will ask buyer what kind of devices can be updated then tell you. After all, not any vcm II can be updated to v96. However, I have to remind you that upgrade exists risk. So I advice you can consider to buy a new version device if you are satisfied with the vcm II past using. The reason is returning it to us will spend transportation and upgrade expense, even much time, maybe it will also influence on your repairing car. 
Q: Ford vcm IIv98software is installed by virtual machine and set up the software installation date before 2015.9 as requirement. But now the software is prompted that license software has been out of date. What is the matter?
A: The reason is you do network connections. In fact, it’s proved that network must be disconnect and time can’t be selected because of network to update automatically.
Q: Whether Ford vcm II can be tested on Ford F150,F250 and F350, even diesel vehicle and Australia’s Ford.
A: All cars above-mentioned have appeared some problems more or less. Sure, you can still buy it if you want to have a try. In truth, we only could recommend you the device to have a try for your car. 

3.How to use Ford VCM 2 unit with Mazda IDS software

Vcm2 model:SP177-C1


Mazda IDS installation: Success


Issues: Mazda ids can see the vcm but it won’t connect to the car.


What tried:

I tried the old trick which involves copying ford’s vcm manger files to the Mazda folder.
Mazda ids can see the vcm but it won’t connect to the car.

I tried it with latest Bosch vcm manager and ford ids 104.1 and Mazda ids 103.5

My ford and Mazda ids are not on the same partition so I simply copied the file from a partition to the other one, taking care to rename the folder to Mazda-vcm…..



All I did was install Ford software and uninstalled Mazda vcm 2 software then reboot and it’s working


3.Ralated tenichcal post :

*How to use VCM2 clone for Ford module reprogramming:

*How to do a Ford module programming with VCM2 clone

*(Solved) VCM II - IDS software version mismatch


VCM2 PCB Colours- Which best?

VCM 2 Temperature Issues & Solutions

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