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[May Day Sale €1730] CG007 CGDI GODZILLA Automotive Key Cutting Machine 1024x600 IPS Display Independent Operation with 3 Years Warranty

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Product Description

CG Godzilla Automotive Key Cutting Machine comes with 1024x600 IPS Display Independent Operation. CG Godzilla supports mobile or PC operation.
Come with 3 Years Warranty
CG CGDI Godzilla Automotive Key Cutting Machine

CG007 Godzilla Key Cutter Highlights:

1. Godzilla Key Cutter Advanced Design, Integrated Casting
2. Carefully Selected Materials, Trustworthy Experience.
3. With database independence, independent operation, no need for a mobile phone.
4. With internal and external slot clips
5. Support more than 60 global brands, 2,000 car models and 20,000 all key lost database
6. IPS Display: 1024x600
7. With built-in battery(optional)
8. With 3 Years Warranty
9. Support for operation via mobile phone or PC



Built-in Database
Built-in accurate database, detailed parameters, and clear key graphics.  
Based on the blank key data, users can choose the designated blank key from the data to edit its shape, space, width, and depth in order to form the customized key.
Data of domestic manufactured automobiles in continuously added into the blank key database. Domestic users will have a more convenient user experience.
Patent Certificate
Godzilla Key Cutter Automatic Key Cutting Machine has its Design Patent Certificate, Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate, Utility Model Patent Certificate, and others.
Essential Tool for All Key Lost:
Godzilla Key Cutter contains three powerful functions for all keys lost: updated key database, cut by biting & find biting.
It is an essential tool for locksmith to recover easier from All Key Lost.
Manufacture Craftsmanship
All aluminum main body, partial accessories made of 304 stainless steel. Gross weight 20KG with stable and durable structure.
Machine is equipped with 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission, which is more accurate and stable than T Screw Transmission.
Power/Motor Specification
Adopting internal general  ; no-load power loss lower than 5 watts; built-in 24V brushless motors ; high rotation speed; low noise; minimal vibration; strong reliability and great stability.
Update Online 
Godzilla Key Cutter supports online update. Users can update the machine by connecting the machine to internet-connected Wifi, server is available and free of region restriction for online update.
Support Online file update. Update log will automatically display in software.
Technical Support
CG technical support team provides professional and efficient online technical support for free.
Three Years warranty and lifelong after-sale customer service are included in order to guarantee the carefree machine operation for customers.
Customers feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.
Support More Than 60 Global Brands, 2,000 Car Models and 20,000 All Key Lost Database

Working Temperature: -20-70℃
Humidity: 10-90%
Working Voltage: 90-264V/AC
Input Frequency: 45-68Hz
Net Weight: 10kg
Gross Weight: 20kg
Power: 200W
USB port: USB2.0
IPS Display: 1024x600
Motor Rotation Speed: 16000rpm

Package List:

1PC x Godzilla Key Cutting Machine

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CGDI Godzilla performs automatic calibration

Tech Service

CG007 Godzilla Key CNC Machine Update Log


CG007 V2.4.1  NEW


1. Optimize the selection of Toyota Honda models.

2. Add the Lexus TOY2 key.

3. Add Turkish language.

4. Optimize fixture calibration steps.

5. Fix some bugs.


CG007 V2.3.9



1. Optimize the wifi password input keyboard

2. Newly-added model Changan Uno S

3. New key Baojun 560 (8 teeth)

4. New key Buick Century PK3

5. Optimize Buick model selection

6. Optimize the selection of modern models


CG007 V2.3.8



1. Optimize the wifi password input keyboard

2. Newly-added model Changan Uno S

3. New key Baojun 560 (8 teeth)

4. New key Buick Century PK3

5. Optimize Buick model selection

6. Optimize the selection of modern models


CG007 V2.3.7



Added history record feature

Added T2A tool change and leveling function

[Opel] Merina, Zafira, CORSA, Vectra, Omega HU43

[Daewoo] Cielo, Espero, Nexia, 1.5i

[Houghton] Barina, Combo, Commodore

[Wuling] Big double right, big double left

【Harvard】Harvard H1 internal milling

【Great Wall】Fengjun 5 internal milling (6-6)

【MG】MG3, Roewe W5, Roewe 950, internal milling

【BYD】L3 external milling 8 teeth

[Chuanqi Mustang] Spica external milling

[Hafei] Lobo, public opinion, Xiaobawang

【Changan】Mini Benben

【Dongfeng Fengshen】S30, H30

[FAW] Wilo

【Ford HU198T】Fox, Carnival, Territory, Sharp

[Buick] Rong Yu,

[Chevrolet] Lumina,

Repair Audi models and key data selection


CG007 V2.3.6



[Smart] fortwo, forfour,

【BAIC】Saova X35

【Hummer】HX, H2, H3

[GMC] Denali, Envoy, Savana,

Add some Volkswagen models and improve the key selection of Volkswagen models

Increase the data of some models of B111

Added data for some models of GM37

Added data for some models of B107

Increase the data of some B100 models

Increase the data of some models of B97

Added data for some models of GM39



CG007 V2.3.5



1. Add the following models:

[Ford] Sharp, RV, Raptor, Explorer, Mustang, Conqueror, GT, Ranger

[Lincoln] Mainland, pilot, navigator, navigator, adventurer, LS, MKC, MKS, MKT, MKX

[Mercury] Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Sable, Predator, Montego, Monterey, Mariner, Milan, Pastoral Business

[Mazda] Tribute, Navajo, Pickup, Demio, Landis, Cronos, Enos

[Houghton] Barina, Barina Spark, Combo, Captiva, Zafira, Viva, Various Models, Little Tiger


[Great Wall] Fengjun 7, C30, Ling Ao


[BAIC] Magic Speed H3, Magic Speed H5, Magic Speed H6, Magic Speed S3

2. Optimize the selection of BMW and Benz models



CG007 V2.3.4



1. Added Volkswagen 10-tooth 9-tooth door lock to check all ignition locks lost and missing teeth

2. New keys and models

【Cheetah】MIT15 external milling

【BAIC】Saova E130

【Prestige】M20, M30, M35, 205

[Qoros] Qoros 3, Qoros 5,

【Great Wall】Elf, Jiayu, Dazzling, C20R,

【Haval】Haval H1

【Geely】Vision X1

【BYD】G6, L3

【Hantang Electric Vehicle】Hantang A3



CG007 V2.3.3



Added keys and models

【Lifan】320 (External milling)

[BAIC] Senova D50, Senova X55 (outer ditch unilateral)

【Baojun】630, 730 (internal groove and bilateral teeth)

【BAIC】Weiwang 306, Prestige 307 (outside milling)

【Isuzu】Athlete (outside milling)

【MG】MG5, MG6, MG7, Ruiteng, Ruixing, HS (internal milling)

[Geely] Vision X3, New King Kong (external milling and internal milling)

[Haval] Haval H3, Haval H5, Haval M6, (external washing and internal ditch bilateral)

[Great Wall] Fengjun 5, Great Wall V80, Great Wall M4, Great Wall C30, (external milling and internal ditch bilateral)

[Roewe] 750, Cleve, i5, i6, RX3, RX8, (internal milling)

[Southeast] Lingshuai, DX3, Lingyue V3, Lingshen, Lingzhi V5, Lingshi V6, Xiwang (external milling)

[Chinese] FRV, FSV, Junjie, Zunchi, (outside milling)

【Nissan】Old Blue Bird, (outside milling No. 6 billet)



CG007 V2.3.2



1. Fix the bug that the key learning cutting cancel waiting box disappears

2. New keys and models

【Wuling】Add Wuling Hongguang No. 80 key blank and No. 82 key blank,

【BAIC】 Magic Speed S3

【Baojun】630 External milling

【Toyota】Toyota old Camry eight teeth 4,7 external milling of fragments

[Changan] Uno, Ruicheng, Zhishang, CS15, CX70,

【Nazhijie】U6, S5, external milling

【Dongfeng Xiaokang】K07, external milling

[Guangqi Legend] GA5, GS3, GS8, GS5, GS7,

[WEY car] VV5, VV6, VV7, VV7GT, VV7PHEV, P8



CG007 V2.3.1


1. Optimize flat tooth bilateral algorithm

2. Optimize the unilateral and bilateral algorithm of the inner groove

3. Optimize the unilateral and bilateral algorithm of the outer ditch

4. Optimize lost all query

5. New key Volvo NE66; Honda Accord HD107

6. Add the key ZhiDou ZhiDou; Chase V80

7. New key Mitsubishi MIT11R, HYN11

8. New keys Suzuki HU87R, MIT11R, LangDi, YuYan

9. New key Wuling RongGuang, ZhiGuang, HongGuang

10. New key BYD F0; Geely Emgrand DiHao

11. New key Chevrolet Jingcheng JingCheng; modern famous image MingTu



CG007 V2.3.0



1. Add version rollback function

2. Add the function of the update prompt box ignore button

3. Fix known bugs

4. Increase the key Fiat CY22, SIP22

5. Add key Maserati CY22, SIP22

6. Add key Ferrari SIP22

7. Add key Alfa Romeo SIP22, GT15R

8. Add key GMC HU100

9. Add key Renault NSN14

10. Add key Ssangyong HY22, HYN10

11. Add the key Changan Changan Star

12. Add key Wuling Wuling Hongguang S

13. Add key Southeast DX7

14. Add the key Southeast Lingzhi V5

15. Add the key to Dongfeng Popular Jingyi

16. Increase the key Baowo HU100R

17. Add key Beijing Auto Saova X25

18. Increase the key Opel DW04

19. Add key Daewoo DW04

20. Add the key Opel HU100



CG007 V2.2.9



1. Optimize the software structure

2. Optimize the update program to improve the upgrade speed

3. Add history reset function

4. New key Shaanxi Automobile De-Long-X3000

5. New key Wuling Hongguang S3 560

6. New key Haval H5

7. New key Haval H7

Note: This upgrade requires two upgrades to complete, and the version is V2.2.9 after success!



CG007 V2.2.7


New models

[Buick] Boulevard, GM37, HU100, Sail, GM37

[Audi] A1, HU66EXTA4, HU66, HU66EXT, HU162T-9, HU162T-10A5, HU66EXTA6, HU162T-9, HU162T-10 A8, HU162T-9, HU162T-10Q3, HU66, HU162T-9, HU162T-10Q5, HU66EXTQ7, HU66EXTR8, HU66, HU66EXT

[Porsche] Kaman, HU66 Panamera, HU66 Macan, HU66 2.

[Volkswagen] Scirocco HU66

[Lexus] CT, ES, GS, HS, IS, LS, LX, RX, SC, all use TOY48 and TOY40.

[Subaru] Freeman, use NSN14 and DAT17.

[Skoda] Haorui, Octavia, Jingrui, Xindong, Xinrui, Supai, Komic, Koluoke, Kodiak, all use HU66 and HU162T-9, HU162T-10.

[Modern] Yixing, Rena, Acceptance, Leading, Festa, IX25, all use the head to align the left and right grooves with 8 teeth and 10 teeth, and HY22.

[Kia] K2, K4, K5, K3, smart running, lion running, Sorento, all use the head to align the left and right grooves with 8 teeth and 10 teeth, and HY22.



CG007 V2.2.6


Landwind X8 added

Added Chery Arrizo 5

Optimize the lagging problem of Hyundai HY22

Optimized the alignment algorithm of flat tooth bilateral shoulder

Optimized unilateral algorithm

Optimize the bilateral algorithm of the inner groove

Optimize the unilateral algorithm of the outer ditch

Optimize the bilateral algorithm

Note: 1. After this upgrade, please check the offset of the T2 fixture and calibrate the four sides of the T2 fixture A, B, C, D. 2. The flat tooth bilateral shoulder alignment key must be locked with a square positioning block

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