WITECH VCI POD Diagnostic Tool For Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram with DRB3 Emulator

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Product Description

New designed PC based Chrysler diagnostic tool. With wiTECH ™ diagnostic system, provide Dealer-level diagnose for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram vehicles. Multi-language to choose.

wiTECH VCI POD Diagnostic Tool for Chrysler with DRB III Emulator
Supported Languages:  English, Korean, Russian, French, Japanese ,Spanish, Italian, Chinese.
Supported vehicle brands: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram vehicles till 2014.
System requirement: Better on XP system. XP system is more stable for this software. Or you can choose the laptop from our website, we install and test the software for you then delivery.
Software version: 13.03.38


wiTECH ™ diagnostic system is specially designed for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram vehicles. It provides the latest significant hardware and software performance enhancements over the StarSCAN ™ and StarMOBILE ™ diagnostic tools. This cutting-edge technology will enable technicians to improve work efficiency and provide world-class diagnostic services to your customers.

Connecting with vehicles by standard OBD II Cable.  wiTECH VCI Pod ™ connects to a laptop by USB cable.

Powerful functions:
The wiTECH VCI Pod ™ using the wiTECH ™ Diagnostic Application, this software is capable of following diagnostic and maintenance functions, including: streaming live data; generating diagnostic reports; customizing data displays. These features provide technicians with full dealer-level functionality.
The wiTECH VCI POD ™ can also work with the DRB-III ™ Emulator Software to perform most DRB-III diagnostic and reprogramming functions.
wiTECH VCI Pod ™ whole Package list shown:

1pc x wiTECH ™ VCI Pod
1pc x Vehicle Cable
1pc x Power Transformer
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Carrying Case
1pc x CD Soft

Customer asked questions:

Q: Is it possible to use this tool to reprogram the ECM?
A: NO. This Chrysler diagnostic tool now does not support program ECM.

Q: Can i use this scanner work on chrysler cars till 2014?
A: This chrysler scanner can work on part 2014 cars.

Q: Can i use it to make keys?
A: This scanner support key programming for some cars, but not for all.

Q: CAN device programming work in case the car's computer switch, car engine and Transmission?
A: This item number SP179 WITECH VCI POD only support diagnose and part key programming function. For other programming function, it does not support. If you want to do these programming, you need to choose Original WITECH Diagnostic System for Chrysler item number SP106. If you have online programming account, then you can directly log in and program these modules.

wiTECH VCI POD ™ software shown:

Chrysler WITECH VCI POD Diagnostic Tool

Chrysler Diagnostic Tool (WITECH VCI POD)

Chrysler Diagnostic Tool (WITECH VCI POD)

Chrysler Diagnostic Tool (WITECH VCI POD)


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Hou to use Chrysler Diagnostic Tool

Tech Service

1.What should i pay attention when i install this chrysler diagnostic software?
2.How to connect wiTECH to VCI Pod & laptop via Ethernet
What should i pay attention when i install this chrysler diagnostic software?

1. WITECH VCI POD contains DRB III emulator, please connect the vehicle to the WITECH before using DRB III emulator, and it needs one minute to open DRB III emulator. 
2. When you want to use WITECH software to program, you'd better change the language to English; programming in English will be very stable. 
3. WITECH software start is a bit slow; please wait until the screen has a full display before proceeding to the next step. 
After connect the WITECH hardware with the computer, please check whether the driver is well installed, whether the software find the hardware. After open "wiTech Diagnostic Application" on the desktop, you can't go on operating unless the "Device" status is green, as shown 

How to connect wiTECH to VCI Pod & laptop via Ethernet

You don't need the USB cable or power cord for everyday use. As long as the wiTECH VCI POD is connected to the car (it gets power from the OBD plug), the unit can be connected via ethernet. Keep in mind, there is no DHCP server on the ethernet port so you need to set both your computer and VCI POD to a fixed IP address. My ethernet on the chinese clone did not work out of the box. See below for further troubleshooting.
Problem: Cannot connect to VCI POD via Ethernet. Keep getting 169.254.x.x as IP address.

Solution: Need to change Network Settings on VCI POD

A 169.254.x.x means the computer has a physical ethernet link, but cannot get an IP address from your router/pc.
1. Set computer to fixed IP address
2. Connect USB to VCI POD
3. In web browser, connect to
4. Under Network Settings, change radio button from “Obtain an IP address automatically from a DHCP server” to “Use the following IP address and settings”
5. Under IP Settings, change IP Addr:
6. Disconnect USB.
7. Plug in Ethernet to VCI POD and computer. Connect 
power cable to VCI POD (or connect to OBD).
8. In web browser, now connect to (it will also be visible in WiTech)
Problem: Connect VCI POD to notebook and VCI lights (safe, 
wlan, busy, and rec) are blinking permanentwiTECH does not recognize the VCI.

Solution: Need to enter recovery mode and manually update VCI POD. (Could be a wiTECH software version and VCI POD firmware mismatch)

1. Put empty card into wiTECH
2. Connect to notebook by LAN not USB
3. Run IE and go to address (or fixed IP address you manually assigned), select software update, and in 
dcc tools folder select recovery file with zip extension
a. Look at the folder Program Files\DCC Tools\wiTECH Server\install\bundles vservera.upgrade-
b. On Windows 10 x64: C:\Program Files (x86)\DCC Tools\wiTECH\jserver\install\bundles vservera.upgrade-

Tip: In the file name "vservera.upgrade-mpvci-x.x.x", the x.x.x is the firmware version you should have loaded on your VCI POD to have it work correctly with the wiTECH software version currently installed on your pc. The VCI POD firmware version can be verified at the top left corner of the unit homepage labeled as "System Release".

Random Tip

Contents of VCI POD SD Card are hidden. Windows cannot mount or view. Linux can! (hint hint)

(Credits to all contributors from the MHH forum)

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