HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 New Generation Bluetooth 4.2 Code Reader for Android & IOS System

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9cm*6cm*3.5cm ( Inch: 3.54*2.36*1.38 )
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Product Description

NexzScan NL50 OBD2 Code Reader is a portable, intelligent and high cost-effective device which supports all the standard OBD2 protocols with wide vehicle coverage. Plug it into the OBD port and connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth to give the car an efficient inspection. Now, do no need to worry about the Check Engine Light on anymore, you can master it by our NexzScan.
HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 New Generation Bluetooth 4.2 Code Reader for Android & IOS System

NexzScan New Generation Code Reader is Coming!
With NexzScan and your smartphone in hand, you can master the Check Engine Light.
humzor NEXSCAN NL50

Top Reasons to choose HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 New Generation Bluetooth Code Reader
Update:  One-key update online 
Connection: Bluetooth
O.S.: iOS & Android
  • High Cost-effective Device: VCI+ Free APP (iOS & Android) via Bluetooth connection, taking place of handheld tools
  • Wide Vehicle Coverage: Works on any gasoline car (Japan, Canada, US, EU, etc.) with standard OBD2 DLC after 2000, including 57 brands
  • Complete OBD2 Diagnosis Modes: Read/clear codes, Live data, Freeze Frame, Mode 6, O2 Sensor, Smog Check, MIL Status, Battery Test, etc
  • Multi ECU Code Reading: from7E8 to 7EF (including Engine, Transmission and other control modules), retrieves Stored Codes, Pending Codes and Permanent Codes
  • Enhanced DTC Analysis: code definition, code description, code symptoms and possible causes listed clearly 
  • Powerful Database: including nearly 40,000 DTCs, supporting DTC query online
  • Customized Live Data: digital, dashboard and graph display. Meanwhile, live data comparison is supported
  • VIN Query Supported: Input the VIN or scan it directly to search the vehicle information
  • Intelligent and Easy Operation: One-key Record/Feedback/ Update within App, get technique support online
  • Free shipping, 90-day risk free return policy

  • High Cost-effective Device: Compared with the handheld tools and other scanners, NexzScan is designed with the character of higher cost-effective, more customized and user-friendly, saving you both time and money.
  • Enhanced OBD Diagnosis: Fully covers OBD diagnosis Mode 01-0A, not only includes read & clear codes, freeze frame, but O2 Sensor, Smog Check, Battery Test, etc. are added. 
  • Powerful Database: Exclusively provides more than 40,000 kinds DTC definition & vehicle information query, greatly exceeds the similar products in market. 
  • Customized Live Data: Diversified live data display method: digital, dashboard and graph display. Meanwhile, you can merge multi-parameters in one graph and see how they affect each other, fully provide you with clear and efficient scanning result. 
  • Detailed DTC Report: For each DTC, the code definition as well as possible causes are listed clearly by simple and easy-to-understand explanation instead of confusing terms. 
  • One-Key Update in App: No PC, no USB, no SD card are needed. Click the upgrade information and update it into the latest version within the App in time. 
  • Multi-language:  English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
NEXZSCAN Product Features 
iOS/Android System Available: Powerfully supports iOS and Android systems.
Bluetooth Connection: High speed Bluetooth 4.2 connection method.
Wide Vehicle Coverage: Works on any gasoline car (Japan, Canada, US, EU, etc.)with standard OBD2 DLC after 2000 till now (OBD2, CAN).
Support all Standard OBD2 Protocols: SAE_J1850(PWM,VPW), ISO_9141-2, ISO_14230-4(KWP, KWP-FAST), ISO_15765-4(CAN, CAN-B,CAN-C,CAN-D), SAE_J1939(CAN).
Supports Multi ECU Code Reading: from7E8 to 7EF(including Engine, Transmission and other control modules).
Clear and Visualized User Interface: provides you with easy-to-operate and comfortable experience. 
Elegant Appearance: shells with environmental protection materials, designed with the technology of anti-drop and dust-proof.
LED indicator: real-time obtaining test status, data interaction status and Bluetooth connection status. 
NEXZSCAN Function Description 

OBD Diagnosis
HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 obd diagnostic
  • Read and clear engine codes. Stored, Pending and Permanent for all makes.
  • Freeze Frame: A snapshot of the vehicle when the code is stored.
  • Live Data: DIY diversified PID display methods and multi-parameters comparison.
  • O2 Sensor: Check the vehicle O2 sensor values.
  • Smog Check: Check if the vehicle is ready for a smog or emissions test.
  • MIL Status: Diagnose the car when the Malfunction Indicator Lamp is on.
  • Mode 6: Advanced test results (like misfire counts) for on-board diagnostic system monitors.
  • Battery Test: Show battery voltage and comment battery status.    
  • Created with powerful technical support--Remote Assistance, Data Manage, Data Playback module allow you get timely help.

Continuously listen to your feedback and turn it into our product's upgrade.
HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 feedback functions

Communication Bluetooth 4.2
Dimensions 53mm*47mm*25mm
Support Protocols ISO 9141-2,ISO14230-4KWP, ISO 15765-4, SAE J1850-VPW, SAE J1850-PWM
Operating System iOS & Android phone
Operating Current 0.24A
Minimum Starting Voltage 7.9V
Maximum Operating Voltage 30V
Operating Temperature –20℃~40℃
Storage Temperature –30℃~70℃

Cutomer reviews oF humzor bluetooth obd2 Scanenr

1.The reason I bought this product was to track the fuel trim on my 2001 Volvo XC-70. It does that, and the NEXZSCAN app is user-friendly with a bunch of other features. No cords, no bulky OBDII scanner, Bluetooth success.
One annoying aspect is that I have to disconnect Bluetooth to the car stereo while I use it, but that just comes with the territory. This may not be the case with other vehicle stereo systems. Fair price. High recommendation from me.

2.This seems to be the same unit as a more expensive one which is offered on Amazon. I had already bought a cheap one recently elsewhere and it simply refused to connect but I had no problems with this one. I would remind the user to make sure bluetooth is 'on' on their phone but do not connect to the NEXZSCAN in the usual way... instead, open the application on the phone and tap the red Bluetooth Icon in the upper right corner, and it will connect to the phone's Bluetooth from WITHIN the app.
I downloaded the NEXZSCAN app from the iTunes app store, which was easy and quick, and the functions all seem to work fine - I only have had this set up for a short while but it's clear that it's responding as it should on my 2019 Ford F-150.
I do have a 2003 Dodge Intrepid which indicates it is connected to the device, but for some reason the app does not see that I have a check engine light on, nor does selecting the option to clear the C E light make it go out. However that is a very old car and I don't doubt that has something to do with it.
Overall I am very pleased with the NEXZSCAN and should add that it also was delivered very quickly!

3.I have one of these in every car so no matter what happens I can connect and see whats going on. The interface is well done and easy to manage. You will need to understand a lot about cars to understand everything this has to offer but for general use and my limited understanding its still an excellent tool. I was able to delete some old error codes that had been fixed. This way I can see if they come back and can continue to troubleshoot the issues. One of my cars was having motor issues and I was able to tell the mechanic what it was showing when it happened. He told me that it was super helpful information.

3.To start with there is a sheet of paper inside the box which has a serial and registration number on it. You don't need this and it was apparently inserted for the IoS and Android software originally but is no longer required. The box has excellent read times and is geared for more of a novice or intermediate user. You can read almost all internal sensors in real time along with logging them for shop use. You can read and reset engine faults with ease on top of seeing when your car enters closed loop from open loop. The form factor being so small on an obd reader is a huge pro also.

4.I got this because my car keeps turning in the check engine light and I figured it would be a good idea to try to figure out what was wrong with it before taking it to a mechanic. After I plugged it into my car, it took a couple of tries to connect it to my phone, but now it's connected I can access all sorts of information. The app that comes with the scanner gives you options to determine the engine failure code, it lets you attempt to turn off the light if you're doing the repairs yourself, check the general health if the vehicle, and more. It is a tad bit pricey, but the app that it comes with helps make up for that.


Q: will this obd2 scanner attach to a 2017 Lexus gx460
A: Hi, yes, this obd2 scanner will work on 2017 Lexus gx460

Q: will this obd2 scanner attach to a 2008 Nissan?
A: Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on a 2008 Nissan

Q: Will this car reader work on chevy 2011 equinox 3.0?
A: Yes, this car reader will absolutely work on chevy 2011.

Q: Will it work on the 2013 jeep wrangler?
A: Yes, this Bluetooth obd2 scanner will work on the 2013 jeep wrangler.

Q: How is this thing powered? does it take batteries or does it need to be charged from the mains?
A:it powers up by OBDII port, it doesn't need batteries or charge to get work.

Q: does this Bluetooth obd2 scanner clear the codes?
A:Yes, this bluetooth obd2 scanner will read and clear engine and emission related error codes.

Q:Does this work on a 04 Silverado 5.3 and a 14 cruze 1.8 with turbo?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on both 04 Silverado 5.3 and 14 cruze 1.8 with turbo.

Q:Does this scanner require a subscription?
No, a subscription is not required. The provided software/app has all the needed functionality included.

Q:Can the same scanner be used in more than one vehicle
A:yes, it can. it could be used on more than 1 vehicle. any obd2 vehicles will be compatible and can be switched from vehicles to vehicles

Q:Can this scanner diagnose and clear engine light in a 04 honda civic?
A:Yes, this car diagnostic scanner will read and clear check engine light in 04 honda civic.

Q:Hi, will it work on a 2015 Fiat 500L ?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on 2015 Fiat 500L

Q:What is app download website for iphone?
A:Hello, you can download NEXZSCAN APP via Apple Store, search "NEXZSCAN", you will find the APP.

Q:Is this the same as the BlueDriver?
A:I would say No it uses a different application and resources. Also displays different information vs the Bluedriver.

Q:i have a toyota land cruiser prado diesel 2006, works for my vehicle?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on toyota land cruiser prado diesel 2006.

Q:Does this obd2 scanner work on toyota rav 4 2012?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on toyota rav 4 2012.

Q:Will this work for 2007 Lexus IS250?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on 2007 Lexus IS250.

Q:Is this scanner able to work on a '99 jaguar xk8 4.0l?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on 99 jaguar

Q:Can i use this humzordevice to turn off check engine light for my alfa romeo?
A:Yes, humzor obd2 scanner bluetooth will turn off check engine light for alfa romeo, it supports most of OBDII protocol vehicles with 16-PIN interface and made after 1996, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks.

Q:Can I clear the code causing the check engine light with this obd2 scanner bluetooth?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner is specially designed for check engine light, it will turn off check engine light for most of OBDII protocol that made after 1996 US-based.

Q:What is the warranty for humzor obd2 scanner?
A:this bluetooth obd2 scanenr has a 2-year warranty.

Q:Will this bluetooth scanner work on 2001 jeep wrangler 2.5 liter?
A:Yes, this bluetooth scanner will work on 2001 jeep wrangler. It supports most on OBDII protocol cars made after 1996 US-based

Q:Will this obd scanner device check Jeep computer for alternator target voltage?
A:Yes. the OBD scanner is able to check the battery health status and the alternator health. thanks for interests.

Q:Will this do scanner reset & turn off check engine Light ?? .
A:Yes, this obd 2 reader is designed for check engine light, it will turn read and erase engine and emission related error codes and turn on check engine light.

Q:Does this product work on volvo 2007-up vehicles?
A:yes, HUMZOR obd2 scanner will work on volvo 2007-up vehicles.

Q:Will it work with honda hrv?
A:Yes, HUMZOR obd2 scanner will work on honda hrv, this scanner supports most of OBDII protocol cars.

Q:will it work on a 2001 Nissan Frontier?
A:yes, HUMZOR obd2 scanner will work on 2001 Nissan Frontier

Q:Is this car code reader compatible with Audi Q7 from 2009 ?
A:Yes, this car code reader Is absolutely compatible with Audi Q7 2009.

Q:Do the codes tell you what it's for on the machine ?
A:Yes, NEXZSCAN obd2 scanner will show you the code definition and possible causes after error code detected.

Q:does the engine need to run when using it? Or off? or either way?
A:Hello, you need to turn on the engine then HUMZOR obd2 scanner will communicate with your car and start diagnosing

Q:Does this humzor code reader work on indian vehicles like tata and maruti?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner supports to most of OBDII protocol car made after 1996 US-based, 2003 EU-based, 2007 Asia-based.

Q:Will this auto code reader work on 2008 Lexus Rx 350?
A:Yes, this code reader is compatible with 2008 Lexus Rx 350.

Q:Will this diagnostic tool work on a 05 chevy colorado?
A:Yes, I am pretty sure this diagnostic tool will work on 05 chevy colorado.

Q:I am looking for a bluetooth diagostic tool that will give me the cause of my engine codes, is this it?
A:Yes, this HUMZOR bluetooth diagostic tool will read and erase the engine and emission related error codes for most of OBDII protocol cars that made after 1996 US-based, and it will show the definition and causes of the codes.

Q:Will this work on 2018 bmw motorcycle with motoscan app?
A:I'm not sure. The motorcycle would have to have an OBDII port similar to a car. It will read generic OBDII codes. This unit is a lot cheaper than the Blue Driver model that I have and operates similar. Sorry that I don't have a better answer for you, I'm not familiar with the bikes. Either way, it a great diagnost… see more

Q:This product only works with one app? Doesn’t works with a descent dashboards app?
A:Hi, this product can only work with its app, can not work on dashboard

Q:Will in work on a 2005 cadillac srx? do i have to log on to website for descriptions of what the codes mean?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on 2005 cadillac srx, and you don't need to get the codes mean via website, the APP will show you the code definition and possible causes after error code detect.
As long as your car has an OBDII port it will work for your car. Then it just depends what app you use on your phone. Some of then give you the code. Others will give you a link for some info on the code.

Q:This odb2 is compatible with my 2010 Acura Tl?
A:yes, this obd2 scanner is compatible with 2010 Acura Tl.

Q:Will this obd2 scanner work with 2011 Jeep Liberty Sport?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on 2011 Jeep Liberty.

Q:Can this scanner diagnose and clear engine light in a 04 honda civic?
A:Do not own this product. Never purchased this product.

Q:Does this work on Jeep 2006 V6 Commander?
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on Jeep 2006 V6 Commander.

Q:Will this code reader work for mercedes benz e289 cdi diesel engine?
A:Yes, this code reader works for mercedes benz e289.

Q:Will this obdii scanner work on a 2011 ford f-350 super duty diesel truck?
A:No, it can not work on a heavy duty truck.

Q:Would this obd2 scanner work on diesel trucks or cars?
A:It supports for most OBDII protocol gas/diesel cars including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks.

Q:will this do scan the check engine light on Mercedes E320 2004.
A:Yes, this obd2 scanner will work on Mercedes E320 2004.

Q:Will this work on 2001 bmw x5 4.4i ?
A:yes, this obd2 scanner worl on 2001 bmw x5 4.4i.

Q:hi, i have two mini cooper s 2003 2007 will this clear all the codes and clear all the dash lights ? thx dan.
A:Hello, this obd2 scanner will only turn off check engine light and it will work on mini coopers 2003 2007.

Q:diesel compatibility ?
A:yes, this code reader will work on most of OBDII protocol cars including gas/ diesel passenger cars, suvs, light trucks.

Q:Will this scanner diagnose the check engine light on a 2014 Ford F-250 Diesel?
Yes, it will absolutely work on 2014 Ford F-250 Diesel. this obd2 scanner is designed for chack engine light, it will read and erase the engine and emission related error codes.

Q:will this work for a 2014 range rover and 2015 suburban?
A:Yes, this code rader will work on 2014 range rover and 2015 suburban.

Q:does this blutooth scanner do abs?
A:No, it can't do ABS.

Package List:

1pc x HUMZOR NEXZSCAN New Generation Code Reader


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How to use HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL50 to read Detailed DTC Report For Audi

HUMZOR NEXZSCAN New Generation OBD2 Code Reader

Tech Service

1.HUMZOR NEXZSCAN Sofwtare download
Available for iOS & Android & Windows System
Opening the website: http://www. humzor. com Home page>Support page Then find the right software to download and install.
NexzScan: Software Downloading

2.HUMZOR NEXZSCAN Set up on Vehicles
1. Locate the OBDII Port
NexzScan Set up on Vehicles
2. Plug in the NEXZSCAN Adapter, and then turn on ignition with key ON
NexzScan Set up on Vehicles
  • You may also run the diagnostics with KEY ON engine OFF

3.Software registration and binding

Firstly, please keep your network connection up and run the app. If you are a new customer, please register firstly.
NexzScan register
Enter your email address and password to complete the binding. (Please remember your account n
NexzScan register
Click the "Add New Product" button.
NexzScan register
Enter the serial number and activation code. (The serial number and activation code can be obtained from the password envelope of the package)
NexzScan register

4.Set up Bluetooth

Click the Bluetooth button in the upper right corner to enter the Bluetooth matching page
NexzScan bluetooth setup
Select the corresponding device to connect, and you can start using it after the connection is completed.
NexzScan bluetooth setup


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