Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device(Choose SP04-D/SP04-E)

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24cm*22cm*7cm ( Inch: 9.45*8.66*2.76 )
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Product Description

1. Latest Version: V2015.01
2. Support 23 Brands Updated, 5300 New Systems.
3. It has powerful functions on maintenance, air conditioning, pollution control ,Liaison to the ground, body, post-equipment,braking, motor and expert Mode.
4. Operating System: Win XP and Win7 32bit
5. Support Multi-languages
New I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device
To Get I-2015 J2534 For 4 Reasons:
1. Latest Version: V2015.01
2. Support 23 Brands Updated, 5300 New Systems. (list of systems updated in Multi-Diag since DVD IV-2013).
3. Operating System: Win XP, Win 7 32bit

4.Multi languages: 
English,Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Software Activation Notice:

1. Pls disconnect the network when install the software.

2.  Pls follow the installation video to install the software and drivers.

3. After insatall it, pls send ID (31-xxxxxxxxxxx) to us, we will send the activation code.
Multi-Diag J2534 Functions:
After selecting the car manufacturer, then you can make the diagnosis for the different menus on offer (depending on cars models):
1. Maintenance
Diagnosis codes from all computers
Reset maintenance interval
Modification of the sewage
Read / erase fault calculators
Maintenance of the particulate filter
2. Air Conditioning
Diagnosis of cooling electronic
Reading settings cooling circuit,
Test servo actuators
3. Pollution control
Diagnosis of the particulate filter
Electronic control of pollutant emissions
Control of the Lambda probe
4. Liaison to the ground 
Electronic configuration of the size of tires,
Electronic configuration of tires (winter / summer),
Setting valves tire pressure
Diagnosis and management of shock-driven
Calibration of the sensor angle Driving (initialization of the steering angle)
5. Body
Implementation of safety airbags (lock / unlock)
Reconfiguration of a new calculator Airbag,
Diagnosis of calculators Airbag,
Rain sensor windshield (reading and erasing fault)
Test panel and activators of lights,
Setting Xenon headlights,
Rear radar
6. Post-Equipment
Setting up the radio,
Configuration loader CD,
Setting alarms
Configuration of the coupler,
Configuration bicycle loading system
7. Braking
Diagnosis of calculators ABS, ESP.
Diagnosis and unlock electric brakes.
Flush the brake system.
8. Motor
Diagnosis of any calculator injection engine (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel, etc. ..)
Programming of injectors
Electronic configuration of the EGR valve
9. Expert Mode
Diagnosis of advanced computers,
Configuration of comfort functions,
Change the language of the instrument panel,
physical measures (option with a probe - not supplied)
Direct access to all functions of diagnosis.
V2015.1 Multi Diag Access J2534 System Requirements:
*O.S.: Windows XP; Windows 7 32bit
*CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
*RAM: 256 MB of system memory
*Hard Drive: 10 GB of available space
*VCI (vehicle communication Interface)
*No Internet, WIFI
*No Antivirus software
How to Install multi-diag 1-2015:

1. Pls disconect the network and wifi.
2. Open folder (1) Key on the CD and run the file KeyUpdate. Then confirm and wait for the message successfully installed XXXXXX and OK
3. Start the installation folder (2) 1-2015
If during your installation software request an unlock key 31-xxxxxxxxxx contact us with the key not give you the activation key valid
Select the language it will continue the installation to completion after the message asking do you restart known not to install the following update etc once the last install
Once the message you want to ask not restart known
4. Go to the following folder C: \ ACTIA \ portal and then delete the file WEGT.EXE
5. Once delete this file, open folder (1) Key on the CD and run the file KeyUpdate. Then confirm and wait for the message successfully installed XXXXXX and OK
6. Then install: xs-ime-pt-207p-workshop.exe. You can then restart the pc
Packing List:
VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)
DB25 to OBD-2 Male cable
OBD2 Male to OBD2 Female cable

Software Display

Software Display

Software Display


Q: Do i need password when using this product?
A: Yes. When you install the software, it will give you a code. Please send this code to we will send you activation code. Please be sure to set the VCI to A070026.

Q: Is that necessay to use that COM cable?
A: It is not necessay to use that COM cable, you can diectly use usb cable to connect.

Q: I get my password 19-62961E82CVD, what is the problem?
A: The ID of our Multi-Di@g Access J2534 is begining with "19", and ends up with "SKL", and the format is like "19-99119BC1SKL". Your problem is that you do not fill the number 070026 in your VCI. Please fill the number 070026 to your VCI and get the right ID. Then send the ID to us, we will resend the activation code.

Q: I am very happy that i have received my multi diag  j2534, code i have been given is 19-4D63E5F1SKL
A: Dear friend, your password is 50327B055FAB3D64.

Q: Hello iam interested in buying your product j2534 actia diagnostic scanner ?? i would like to know how long ill be waiting for the parcel and what i have to do to get it install on my laptop , what software it will be working with and what about warranty , and what make cars and years it support.
A: We will send it to you by DHL, it usually needs 3-5 days to arrive you. You need to install the software on your computer. There is the user manual and the video, you can follow it to install the software. Then send the active number to us, we will send you another number. Then you can use this number to active the software and use it. For SP04-B, it can work on models till 2010. For SP04-C, it can work on models till 2011. We provide one year warranty for this products.

Q:  1)The SP04-B advert states- "Please pay attention Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device is not good at programming function. And it is not good at Japan cars."
2)Is the SP04-C now good at programming function?. and is it also now good at Japan cars?  has this problem been fixed with the v2011 software and SP04-C? or is this still the same as the SP04-B?
3) What would the charge be for a second new key if I change my PC and had to reinstal the software for the SP04-C?
4) Does the SP04-B work with the v2011 software? Does the SP04-C work with the software from the SP04-B?

1) Yes. This one main function is diagnose, not program. If you want to work on Japan cars, you can choose VCANDAS, here is the link: This one can work on most car models in the market. And has WIFI function. Compared with J2534, this one new add WIFI function, can work on Japan car models, update online, so you can work on more new models, such as 2012 or 2013.
2) For V2011, basic function are the same. Software is newer than SP04-B. You can use it to work on model till 2011.
3) No. We will not charge fees. If you install the software on another computer, you need to active it again. We will active it for you again for free.
4) No. SP04-B software version is 2010. And SP04-C software version is 2011. Some chips on the main board are different. So SP04-B cannot use V2011 software, and for SP04-C, result is the same.


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How to install Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device 2015.1 software

Tech Service

1.Comparation between Multidiag Actia J2534
Comparation between Multidiag Actia J2534 
Ref SP04-C SP04-D SP04-G SP04
Name 2011 Multi-Diag J2534 Actia V2013 Multi-Diag J2534 Actia 2013-II Multi-Diag J2534 Actia 2014-I Multi-Diag J2534 Actia
software version V2011 V2013.01 V2013.02 V2014.01
VCI SN 093479 076957 076957 070340
languages znglais, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish
functions Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Pollution Control, Liaison to the ground, the Council, Post-Equipment, Braking, Motor Xpert Mode
Update No update online No update online No update online No update online
Operation System Win XP Win XP and Win7 32Bit Win XP and Win7 32Bit Win XP and Win7 32Bit
vehicle Covered More than 45 brands Models 26 car brands,3541 new system 19 models car brands, 190 new system 23 Brands, Update 5300 for new systems
1) The main difference between different version is on the cover of the vehicle.latest software version, most vehicles it covers.
2) Multi-Diag and V2014.01 V2013.02 Multi-Diag VCI enter the number automatically, but other versions should enter the VCI number manually.

2.Click here:I-2016 Actia Multi diag Download on Windows xp & Win 7
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