[UK Ship, No Tax] Main Unit of V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer with OBD2 ST01/ST04 Cable

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Product Description

This is only main unit of Digiprog III with OBD2 cable, software version V4.94. With the use of the new Digiprog III, the odometer adjustment is a breeze. Intelligent accessories and extensive manuals are enclosed. This one has best price offer.
Cheap Main Unit of DIGIPROG III V4.94 with OBD2 Cable
Top 4 Reasons to Get Main Unit of V4.94 Digiprog3:
1. Software Version: V4.94, support more vehicles.
2. Support Multi-Language: Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano,Turkish, Nederlands.
3. This package only main unit and obd2 cable, package lighter, easier to pass customs.
4. Competitive price.

Other information about SM47-F digiprog 3:

1) This one is the 4.94 update version for SM33-C digiprog 3. This is the OBD version for SM47-E.

2) Cannot directly update by email for now. If you want to update, send main unit to us for update.

3) Lowest price, with OBD, ST01, ST04 and power supply cable. More conponents and lower price compared with other OBD version digiprog 3.
Power-On Password: 1
V4.94 Add Model List:
Ford :
F150 24C16
Falcon 24c02
Kuga Transit
Mercedes :
W176 new version
W204 new version Diag
W212 new version Diag
R 172 Diag new version
R 231 Diag new version
Opel :
Insignia new version
Astra new version
For Audi :
A3 Diag new version
A6 Diag new version
A8 Diag new version
For VW :
Amarok Polo Johnson

Click to learn : Digiprog 3 Car list 

Digiprog III V4.94 Screen Display:

digiprog 3

Package List:
1pc x Main unit of Digiprog III V4.94
1pc x with OBD2 Cable
1pc x ST01 cable
1pc x  ST04 cable
1pc x ST01&ST04 Board
1pc x wall charger

High quality pcb board display:
Cheap Main Unit of DIGIPROG III V4.94 pcd board
Cheap Main Unit of DIGIPROG III V4.94pcd board

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Tech Service

Part 1:Digiprog 3 FAQ
Part 2:How to use Digiprog 3 for Ford Mondeo odometer correction
Part 3:Digiprog III mileage correction Test reviews
Part 1:Digiprog 3 FAQ

How to solve DIGIPROG 3  "INFORMATION: This equipment is intended for repair purposes only...custodial sentence."

After i use this digiprog 3 several time, today when i power on the machine, it gives me prompt like this: "INFORMATION: This equipment is intended for repair purposes only! Adjusting the speedometer on any vehicle which intent to defraut is a serious criminal offence, which normally carries a custodial sentence."

digiprog 3 error solution

Solution: This one is the normal prompt. Click the √, and input password 1, then go on to use it as before.

Q:When I connect digiprog3 to the car it does not switch on, How to do?

A:You can try with another vehicle to check if this problem exists or not. If you tried on different cars but still nothing, to borrow one OBD2 cable if it works it means the OBD2 cable is damaged and contact your seller to ship you another one; or another reason is the digipro3 OBD port has something wrong.

Q: Does digiprog3 work with VW golf 6 2009, golf 5 2006 and Peugeot 407 2006?
A: Yes. Digiprog 3 does. Please refer to digiprog3 vehicle list

Q: Does Digiprog III change mileage for BMW after 2008year? Does Digiprog3 make key for BMW?
A: better use Digimaster 3 to program mileage for the high-end BMW. Digiprog3 can't make key for BMW, advice you use AK300 key pro.

Q: what is Digiprog III power-on password?
A: Digiprog 3 Power-on password is 1. After enter password "1",click tick" √"not " X", otherwise Digiprog3 will freeze.

Q: What is the difference between tacho pro 2008 and digiprog 3?
A: tacho pro 2008 and digiprog 3 share the same function. But tacho pro works with the car before 2006 year, digiprog 3 works with the car even up to 2012 year.

Q:What is ST01, ST04 cable used for in the package of Digiprog 3?
A: It needs to remove chip when you program mileage for some car models. One end of the ST01 cable and ST04 cable clip the chip, and the other end connect to digiprog3.

Q: I use digiprog3 to work with Opel Astra 2004, and the manual suggests use No.1 cable, this cable is ST01?
A: Yes, No.1 cable is ST01 cable, and the software needs to open off-line programming or online-programming.

Q: When I use digiprog 3, I got disorder code, what can I do? Please check the following picture.
A: Please send us Digiprog III serial number, and we will send you program to help refresh digiprog 3 main unit.

Q: What is the language of Digiprog 3 screen menu? English or German? My DVD from you is German, and also the operation interface is German, how to change to English?
A: Digiprog III DVD is German, but the operation is available with both English and German, after you turn on Digiprog 3, click "language" option, and then set English.

Q: Can Digiprog III support change mileage for BMW after 2008year? Does Digiprog3 make key for BMW?
A: better use Digimaster 3 to program mileage for the high-end BMW. Digiprog3 can't make key for BMW, advice you use AK300 key pro.

Q: when Digiprog III got blue screen error?
A: not connect digiprog3 with computer, only when you update digiprog3 can you connect it with computer, not install and use the original software.

1)DIGIPROG 3 password is 1

Digiprog 3 DVD is German, but the operation is available with both English and German, after you turn on Digiprog 3, click "language" option, and then set English

3)Cannot connect with internet except update
4) For BMW car,digimaster 3 is better

5) About digiprog 3 screen blue,you can go to here:

Q:Does it support SEAT ALHAMBRA?
A:YES!!!you can learn here:How to use Digiprig 3 to Change  Mileage on SEAT by OBD2

Part 2:How to use Digiprog 3 for Ford Mondeo odometer correction
Connect the DP3 unit to the car thru the OBD port


Power on

Enter password

In the DP3 main menu, select CAR/TRUCK


Current odometer: 189237km

Go for odometer correction



Enter new KM: 183000


New KM displayed on the dashboard

Digiprog 3 changed KM successfully.

Job’s done!

Part 3 : Click to learn:
How to use Digiprog 3 change mileages of Smart ForTwo 2007

How to use Digiprig 3 to Change  Mileage ON SEAT by OBD2

Digiprog 3 Golf5 2004 OBD Odometer Mileage: Done

How to Change Audi A3 A4 A6 A8 KM With Digiprog3 mileage Programmer
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