V2020.03 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Benz Star Diagnosis Tool With Software HDD

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Product Description

MB SD Connect Compact 4 support benz truck and cars for reading out & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. MB SD Connect Compact 4 support wireless diagnose, support K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol, fit all computers,with multi-language.
MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis

Software version: V2020.03

Do not update the hardware when you use it. Otherwise hardware will be crashed, and it need to exchange the main board. For the device which is broken for update, we will charge fees.

Supported language:

English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spainsh, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish

New MB Compact 4 feature:

1. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose;

2. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS, but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C4 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support it;

3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect, can fit all computers not only IBM T30;

4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;

5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the quality of the products;

6. Support multi-language, such as English, German,French,Italian, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and so on.

1. 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
2. All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3. Reading trouble code
4. Erasing trouble code
5. Live-data
6. Adaptation
7. Component testing
8. Maintenance
9. Information consultation
10. Component location diagram
11. Wiring diagram

Testable system:


Product software includes: (Version: 2020.03  )
Xentry 03.2020
DAS 03.2020
EPC 11.2018
WIS 11.2018
 SDmedia offline 2014
 Vediamo 5.01.01
Vediamo Database 2019

 Star Finder 2008 & 2016
 PL73 2019 
 DTS Monaco 8.13.029
Support languages: English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian; Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese.

MB SD Compact 4 cover the following car list:

A(176), A(169), A(168), B(246), B(245), CLC(117), C(204) C(203), C(202), 190(201), E(212), E(211), E(210), 124(124), S(222), S(221), S(220), S(140), S(126), E(207), CLK(209), CLK(208), CLS(218), CLS(219),  CL(216), CL(215), CL(140) SLK(172), SLK(171), SLK(170), SL(231), SL(230), SL(129), SL(107), SLS(197), M(166), M(164), M(163), G(463), G(461), E(212), E(211), E(210), 124(124), S(222), S(221), S(220), S(140), CLK(209), CLK(208), CLS(218), CLS(219), CL(216), CL(215), CL(140), SLK(172), SL(231), SL(230), SL(129), SL(107), SLS(197), M(166), M(164), M(163), G(460), GL(164), GLK(204), R(251)
Van support list:

MB 100(631), T1, SprinterIII, SprinterII, SprinterI, Sprinter900, Citan, Vito(639), Vito(638), V(638),  Viano(639), T2, Vario, Vaneo(414)
Truck support list:

Actros963/4, Actros2,3, AtegoIII, AtegoII, AxorII, Eonic, Zetros, Actros, Atego Light, Atego Heavey, HPN M96, Atron, HPN M2000, SKL, FSK, Further model series
Unimogs support list:

Super sports cars support list:


Customer asked questions:

Q: Does this MB SD Connect Compact 4 need active before use? what should i do?
A: Yes, it needs active before use, you can follow the instruction on the table when you install the software (send the  xentry, epc, das code to us,  When you register for the Xentry, you need to adjust your computer time to the same day). If you still do not know how to active the software, when you get the product, please contact us. I will send the software that remte control needs to you and ask our engineer to help you active your software by remote control.

Q: what is le WEP key for the SD mux ssid road24h? what are the IP adress to use for wifi connection to road24h?
A: WEP key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26 a in total). Wireless IP adress: 

Q: What is the difference for the three kind of hdd, all of them are the same?
A: For the three kind of hdd, all are the same except for the WIFI function. IBM T30 and DELL D630 hdd can support WIFI function, external hdd does not have wifi function.

Q: I want to diagnose Benz cars and trucks. This SD MB Compact 4 and other ordinary star c3 and star c4, which one is better?
A: If you want to diagnose Benz cars and trucks at the same time, then please choose this SD MB Compact 4. This one can work on benz cars and trucks at the same time. Work on more and new benz car models. For other ordinary star c3 and c4, some only can work on benz cars, some performance for truck are not so good as this one.

Software full language version:

Technical service:

battery and wifi card installation

local area connections and administration parameter settings

Package list:

1pc x Multiplexer
1pc x OBDII 16PIN Cable
1pc x 38PIN Cable
1pc x 14PIN Cable
1pc x 4PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable
1pc x HDD 

FoxFlash ECU Programmer with Gree Gifts
Xhorse & Autel & Lonsdor Remote Key

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How to setup MB SD Connect Compact 4?

How to Actiate 06.2020 Xentry OpenShall and Setup IP

Tech Service

1) SD C4 cable connection
2) SD C4 WIFI setup instruction
3) How to solve SD C4 WIFI does not work
4) SD C4 Driver card cause WIFI cannot be found on PC solution
1, How to connect the MB SD Connect Compact 4?

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

2, MB SD Connect 4 local area connections and administration parameter settings

Step one: set SD connect 4 local area connection Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties
IP address as:
subnet mask:

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

Step2: sd connect4 configuration change
Click "configuration" then a windows named "Warning" apears, says "Caution! Changing the configuration can impair the fault-free functioning of the system. Do you want to change the configuration?
Select "Yes"

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

Step 3: sd connect4 mux register configure setting

Click "MUX" button, then in the multiple choice box, please click "Register/Configure"

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

Step 4: select the name for sdconnect
Select the name for SDCONNECT as 4

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

Step 5:  sd connect4 wlan parameter road setting
Set WLAN parameters, Road including: ID address, Network screen, SSID (network name), Encryption, key/
ID address:
 Network screen:
SSID (network name): Road24h
Encryption: WEP/Hex

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

Step 6:  sdconnect toolkit device configuration
SDconnect Toolkit administration information conclusion including:
General information, WLAN conficuration, LAN configuration

mb sd connect compact 4 benz star

3, How to solve SD C4 WIFI does not work 
I can install and activate the software. When i connect the mb sd star c4 with my computer, computer can recognize the hardware, but WIFI does not work. I connect the star c4 with my car and do the self test. Test result are all OK. I think my setup is right, i cannot find the problem. How to solve this problem?
Here is the solution:
1) Cannot search Road24h

MB SD STAR Connect compact 4 diagnosis

2) Can search Road24h but cannot match

MB SD STAR Connect compact 4 diagnosis

3) Can match but show "No signal"

MB SD STAR Connect compact 4 diagnosis

4) Connect the mb sd star c4 with your car as the following photo

MB SD STAR Connect compact 4 diagnosis

5) Then follow the video to setup your mb sd star c4: How to solve MB SD STAR C4 WIFI cannot use setup instruction.

4. SD C4 Driver card cause WIFI cannot be found on PC solution

I insert the HDD to my D630 laptop, but find it does not have the WIFI option. I test the lan cable connect via PC. it works normally, but i need to use this WIFI function. How can i solve it. My "network connections" show like this

While usually normal one will show like this

Solution: This one is caused your PC WIFI driver problem. You need to update the PC WIFI driver so that PC can recognize the HDD perfectly. Here is the D630 WIFI driver download link: 

Additional information:
If your PC cannot recognized the HDD even via cable communication. Then your ordinary PC Driver need update. Here is the oridinary DELL D630 PC driver download link:


4. On recent days, two of our customers meet the following problem, and use the following way to solve, here i will chare the solution:

1) Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed. Our customer can use Wire connection to diagnose the star, but cannot use wireless to diagnose. When use wireless, then give the prompt like the photo
mb sd compact connect 4

Solution: Please read the part 3 article and follow that video to setup the WIFI to diagnose.

2) Customers usually will give us these activation data:

Hardware fingerprint: 8B14-44CC
HW-ID 4846C42760AA    
LAN-ID: 0019D26CA01E
if you need to activation hardware id, then will give Hardware id: 105A-FC3C-2EED-F807-69EB-C67C-B00D-45FF

And we will send the activation data like this:

Input data:
41386328D355 / 252 / 2013-1-1 / 2019-1-1
Input data:
D253372B3467 / 3 / 2019-1-1

And a file for Hardware ID activation:
mb sd compact connect 4

After we send all the activation file to customers, he have registered all the software, logged the sdconnect but when he try an use xentry it show an error message:
"This software does not aceept more hardwar changes, please contact support@yoursite.com"
mb sd compact connect 4

For usual star activation, customers will follow our video to fill the activation data to the box. These steps does not contain activation for hardware ID. So you still need run the liencese we send to you. This problem is that he does not run license. After you run the license. Then this problem will be solved and you can use the software.


1. Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software
Please note,anti-virus software can flag up this item software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a more reliable free virus scanner! Our this item software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

If the software data is destroyed or lost because you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, please contact our customer service, we arrange to resend you CD or send you the software via internet.

2. Required windows operation system is windows XP
Be sure to setup and run the device software under windows XP. Otherwise the device software and program can be broken or it will fail to work.

Optional parts & accessories
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