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V2017.12 SUPER MB STAR C3 /SD Connect 4 Software Platinum Edition with D630/X61T/CF30/External Format

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Product Description

1) Dell D630/ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30/External Format Available for Choose
2) Work with all benz cars, trucks from 1981 to 2017.
3) Compatible with Super MB Star c3 or MB SD Connect 4.
4) Support one time free SCN Coding
Hard disk capacity: 160G
SUPER MB STAR/SD C4 Software Platinum Edition

Software version: 2017.12
Star finder version: 2010

Software HDD can work with Super MB STAR C3 (Item number SP45-B) or MB SD Connect 4 (Item number SP100-D).

Attention: For CF30 HDD, please leave message on your order to tell us yours are 7500CPU or 9300CPU.

We also sell the SSD for this software, price is 350EUR. If you have interest, please send email to
Top 6 Reasons to Get Platinum Edition Super MB Star Software:

1) This one has 4 format to choose: Dell D630/ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30/External Format.
If you do not have the first three laptop, then choose External HDD. External HDD can be used on any brand laptop. Make sure your laptop configuration is high enough, at least 4G RAM. Otherwise it cannot be installed VMware or run the software smoothly.
2) Support Update online on official website
Go to official website to register, and download the update tool, to update the software to latest. More detailed steps, please see
Free download: How to update Platinum Edition star software HDD.
3) Support 23 languages.
Chinese; English, French; German; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Finish; Greek; Hungarian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian Russian; Spanish; Swedish; Turkish.
4) Buy this software, now we will offer you one time Online SCN coding function for free. If you still needs SCN online coding, price is 70USD/Time.

5) Support Permanent offline coding.
Offline coding function is for vehicles before 2009. It is already activated. No need to buy other software like SS12 to activate this function again.
6) Contact WIS Standalone and EPC Net.
7) Big capacity: 160GB (External HDD has 120G space.)

Hardware and software requirements for the laptop:

Hardware requires at least Intel Celeron/Pentium 2.0GHz, 2G RAM, USB 2.0 recommended and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 latest service pack installed.
New features of Super MB Star:
-Password Letter verification of your Super MB STAR Online
-No need to active EPC/WIS any more, double click the icon then use it
-New cars of C-Class 205, CLA117, GLC156, B 246, CLS 218, SLK172, BHARATBENZ, CLC 171, etc., are released in this version
-Online SCN Coding(for customers who have benz dealer account to work, can not work without benz dealer account)/offline SCN Coding/offline coding are all available with this new version
-The car PL68 is added to Benz price list
-Online updater client platform STAR Updater V3.0.0.1 for users’ easier upgrade.
-Support the hardware quick self-test and the software to be quickly recovery
-Adjust truck Speed Limitation function
-SBC Reset function
-SBC Special function Password Removed
-A/C, SRS Special function Password Removed
-TV Activation function
-Clean ASSYST plus Memory
-W221 W216 Instrument Cluster AMG Style
-Enable tank info & L/100KM into KM/L W211 (W203) (w221) and more
-Airbag ECU unlock function
-DPF Regeneration
-No need password when you choose special function in DAS of W204
-Diagnostic W207/ W212 by DAS Directly
-Start HHT Win from desktop icon directly, no need start from DAS.
-Offline Coding key provide service. (Top version only)
Product software includes:
DAS: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System Workshop Information System Electronic Parts Catalog
ST Finder: Part location finder
STARUTILITIES: the movement management system and self-test
PL 68: Price List tool to find out how much price by input the parts number
Xentry: New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.
New Smart TAN Code: Opened special function in DAS program with Smart cars 450/451/452/454, even with the new type smart (To use this function, you need to buy DAS SMART Calculator to activate this function)
Developer model: Engineer mode, remove limitations and open more Special functions.
Benz Disassembly system: Video lessons to teach you how to remove each part from Benz cars with details order steps.
Normal version: One of 23 languages
Top version: (23 Languages all)
STAR UPDATER V3.0.0.1: Online upgrade tool for Super MB STAR users.
Package includes:
1. 1* HDD 1pcs
2. USB cable x 1pcs
3. USB dongle  (USB key ) x1pcs
4. User name and password for one year free update online directly . 
5. PCMCIA card x 1pcs
6. Express card  x 1pcs

What should you pay attention to when you use online programming function for this software HDD:

1) input the serial number on :

super mb star c3 sd c4
2) Give me the screenshot  for above photo after you input the serial number. And give me your ID and password for teamviwer. 

3) For online programming, choose "online scn coding", then it will give you a log in window. Stay there.  factory will get communication for this teamviwer. Then you input the benz account and password. Then you will get the authorization and can download the data from benz servier.

4) Attention: Factory only provide benz account, do not provide online programming service.

Customer asked questions:

Q: If i use ECP function, i need to open online function or i can use offline to do this?
A: You can use offline to do ECP function.

What is the difference for Star software:

V2015.01 SUPER MB STAR Software Platinum Edition
V2015.01 SUPER MB STAR Software Platinum Edition

Hot Sales on Autel and Xhorse, Fast UK Ship & No Tax

Hot Sales on Autel and Xhorse, Fast UK Ship & No Tax

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For any question, please contact us at:
Online Customer Service

Tech Service

1) How to use platinum software to reset SBC
2) How to activate platinum software
3) How to activate ordinary star hdd
Part 1: How to use platinum software to reset SBC 

when you choose SBC system, it will have an option, SBC RESET, after you enter this option, you will see special function, enter this and it will ask for the password, for this password, just fill anything you like, then click next step, then click ok, then follow the prompt to do next.

Here is the second method:

It started like most of them.......
As a request !!
So,it was a combination , of a faulty SBC ,common sence , LOTS of time and GUTS to figure this out 
Make sure engine is running !!!
In Developer mode you need to go to Developing data -> drives -> Total list of all activations
to see how many times brake has been pressed there is a line that says: Brakes payers (DJ_GetBrLive) or DJ_GetBrLiveTime
then 1 line down there you see Update brakes payer and life counter F recalculate -> click it!
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
1 line down Brakes payers set to any value (DJ Set Br) -> click it
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
then scroll down untill you see the line's :
Life counter F recalculate (DJ_CalcLiveTime)
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
Life counter F Recalculate and write (DJ_BuildAndWriteF)
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
Log out of SBC !! 
log out of verhicle !!
let engine run at least 10 minutes or drive at least 10 minutes
If no coils are damaged , SBC fault code is not AKTUEL nomore
(Dj_setNBr) Here you SET new brake counter value back to 0
(Dj_setNBr) uINBR = 0 
Resetting break counter to zero is in my opinion , not messing with .....
each time SBC powers up it checks itself time after time
If there occures any problem in SBC unit with valve,brushes or whatever , it will go into error anyway. that you will NOT be able to erase in Dev mode
If you switch on contact of Brand new MB with SBC and press break 300.000 times it will go into this so called "error" you wanna say SBC is broken then ? without driving a milimeter ?
No it's indication to have SBC unit checked by MB workshop $$
Yes it's true that MB has to replace Faulty SBC units for free
since Factory will pay all there labor & material
But most Dealers try to have costumer pay for this procedure claiming costumers car has no a Dealer serviced History

Part 2: How to activate the software for Star series. Here is the detailed instruction for Platinum version activation and other ordinary star HDD activation:

For this SS160 Platinum version star software. It has the keygen on the desktop. You can activate the software by yourself. If you do not know how to do, you can send the activation code to us for activation.
Xentry: When you open software, you will see software like this, click this icon:

you will see data like this. Use this HARDWARE ID and APP ID for xentry activation.

After you get the code, click start keys, and you will see this, input the activation data to the blank

star mb sd super c3 platinum software activation

For EPC and WIS activation:

Click this on desktop. Then you need to fill in user id and password. EWA NET user: admin, password: supermbstar 

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution
star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

Part 3: For other star HDD you need to provide the following information to use for activation:

1) Software version: Like 2015.3, 2015.5 and so on.
2) Activation data:
HardwareID: 105A-026B-F651-4AAE-BE32-D9A8-07C4-2A72 OR Hardware fingerprint: E1BC-2353 (Hardware ID is for new star software, hardware fingerprint is for old star software)
HW ID: 1A2027341ERB
APP ID: 250
(LAN-ID):  0022694C272A 

Where to find these data:
1) For HardwareID: used for DAS activation

star activation

We will give you the license, just run it, then DAS activated ready.
star c3 c4 activation for benz mb error solution

For Hardware fingerprint: (Used for DAS activation)

star c3 c4 activation error solution

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

3) For LAN ID: Used for EPC WIS activation
star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution
star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

4) HW ID and APP ID: Used for Xentry activation

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution

star c3 c4 activation for mb benz error solution
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