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V6.0.0.1 CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and XC236x FLASH.

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Product Description

CG100-airbag tool exclusively designed to read Infineon Tricore MCU’s over CAN-bus.Supports Read/Write EEPROM function for secured and non-secured SAC-TC1766 SAC-TC1767 SAC-TC1796 SAC-TC1797 microcontrollers.comes with Mileage, DPF, ECU system time, ISN built-in calculators.Edit CRC Eeprom.
V6.0.0.1 CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and XC236x FLASH

Newst version V6.0.0.1 (09/09/2019)

Click to download free: CG100 PROG III V6.0.0.1

Language: English

Supported operating system: 
Top 5 Reasons to Buy CG100 PROG III:
1. Including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH
2. Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
3. CG100 with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM

4. Frequently updated software. Software is updated via Email. 
When new software release, you can ask the download link from us, please send us your order number and serial number to We will customize the software based on your software. then use update tool to update the software to latest.

5. Detailed cable connection instruction.
After you choose the model you want to do, it will show the detailed cable connection photo, to tell you where is the desolder point and how to connect. You can follow the photo to connect.

Click to see CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices software and cable connection instruction
The software adopt to operate interface with wizard-style, data arbitrarily rewrite, MCU pin identification and detection, full support for CPU airbag computer repair.

What is the difference for this CG100 Prog iii with other CG100 (Item number SR22, SR21):

1) They are made by same factory.
2) CG100 Prog iii cover the function for SR21 and SR22. It also new adds EEPROM read and write capabilities, BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
3) This CG100 PROG III has build-in calculator. It can calculate ISN and VIN code.
4) CG100 PROG III support CRC EEPROM programming.

Support and Adoption list:

1. Renesas  
R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru.
2.  Infineon 
XC2060N-40F,XC2060M-104F,XC2336B-24F,XC2336B-40F, XC236
64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F, XC2361B-24F, XC2361B-40F, XC2363B-24F, XC2364B-24F, XC2364B-40F, XC2365B-24F, XC2365B-40F, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write. this speed supported is exclusive in the wordwide.
3. Freescale 
MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda
4. ST 
SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen
5. CPU
ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers
CG100 PROG Airbag Restore Devices Support for MCU model:
R5F61721  R5F61723 R5F61725 R5F61797
XC2336A XC2336B XC2361A XC2361B XC2361E XC2360A XC2360B XC2387C XC2320S XC2310S  Time of reading and writting as 25seconds
0M26V MPC5604

CG-100  V6.0.0.1(Paid Version) 


1. Our company has invested much study and development of the CG100, which cover more extensive and comprehensive car models, including more much accurate data, to provide best service for users.

  From this version, we will charge for some updates. Thank you for your understanding and support.

2. Add full-featured version and standard version, distinguish marks.

3. you must save the data after reading it before you can do the next step.

4. "Other features" added support model: 

  Mercedes-benz new C200 A212 smart computer

5. "Mileage(8pin)" added support model: 26pcs

  Buick Regal BCM 13518368 24C32

  Jiefang J6P 460 Pilot version ZB2171A5 24CL04

  Ford JMCFord GK29-10849-AD 95320

  JMC Yusheng CP2-10849-AE 93C86

  JMC Yusheng CP2-10849-ED 93C86

  Toyota RAV4 83800-42D90 93C66

  Toyota Lexus IS250 83800-53B63 93C66

  Toyota Crown 83800-0N140 93C66

  Toyota Crown 83800-0N180 93C66

  Toyota Corolla 83800-0ZJ60 V2 93C66

  Toyota Corolla 83800-02N50 V2 93C66

  Toyota Corolla 83800-F2A50 V2 93C66

  Toyota Corolla 83800-F2U30 V2 93C66

  Toyota Camry 83800-06Y60 93C56

  Toyota Land Cruiser 83800-6AG80-B V2 93C86

  Toyota Land Cruiser 83800-6AG81-A V3 93C86

  Toyota Land Cruiser 83800-6AW51-B 93C86

  Toyota Levin(Hybrid power) 83800-F2U10 93C66

  Toyota Vios 83800-0UM20 93C66

  JAC R3 3920100V500 24C04

  JAC S3 3820100U2260 24C04

  JAC Refine M3 3820100V0011 24C04

  JAC Shuailing 3820100LE398D 24C04

  JAC Shuailing T6 3820100P3010 24C04

  JAC Sunray 3820100R0090 24C04

  JAC Cross 3820100X0010 24C04

6. "Airbag(8pin)" added support model: 735pcs

  AUDI 4B0959655B 95160

  AUDI 4F0 959 655 A 95160

  AUDI 4L0 959 655 95160

  AUDI 4L0 959 655 B 95160

  BMW 65.77-3428715 95128

  BMW 65.77-3451799 95128

  BMW 65.77-3453791 95128

  BMW 65.77-3454345 95128

  BMW 65.77-6964607 95640

  BMW 65.77-6977427 95640

  BMW 65.77-9110258 95640

  BMW 65.77-9114214 95128

  BMW 65.77-9119058 95640

  BMW 65.77-9119749 95128

  BMW 65.77-9122500 95640

  BMW 65.77-9125224 95640

  BMW 65.77-9131529 95128

  BMW 65.77-9134280 95640

  BMW 65.77-9145400 95128

  BMW 65.77-9159794 95128

  BMW 65.77-9159795 95128

  BMW 65.77-9160557 95128

  BMW 65.77-9165623 95128

  BMW 65.77-9165624 95128

  BMW 65.77-9166057 95640

  BMW 65.77-9172018 95128

  BMW 65.77-9184432 95640

  BMW 65.77-9189905 95128

  BMW 65.77-9189906 95128

  BMW 65.77-9194824 95128

  BMW 65.77-9214812 95128

  BMW 65.77-9214813 95128

  BMW 65.77-9229972 95128

  BMW 65.77-9240083 95128

  BMW 65.77-9248298 95128

  BMW 65.77-9264917 95128

  BMW 65.77-9267214 95128

  BMW 65.77-9807169 95128

  BMW 65.77-9809354 95128

  BMW 65.77-9811224 95128

  BMW 65.77-9812297 95128

  BENZ A1648204326 95640

  BENZ A1648204426 95640

  BENZ A1648204526 95640

  BENZ A1648205585 95640

  BENZ A1648205685 95640

  BENZ A1648205785 95640

  BENZ A1648207426 95640

  BENZ A1648207926 95640

  BENZ A1648208126 95640

  BENZ A1648209585 95640

  BENZ A1648209685 95640

  BENZ A1648209726 95640

  BENZ A204-820-21-85 95640

  BENZ A204-820-22-85 95640

  BENZ A204-870-67-26 95640

  BENZ A204-870-68-26 95640

  BENZ A204-870-90-26 95640

  BENZ A204-870-96-26 95640

  BENZ A204-901-06-04 95640

  BENZ A204-901-07-04 95640

  BENZ A204-901-29-04 95640

  BENZ A204-901-32-03 95640

  BENZ A204-901-35-02 95640

  BENZ A204-901-37-02 95640

  BENZ A204-901-52-01 95640

  BENZ A212-820-04-85 95640

  BENZ A212-820-18-85 95640

  BENZ A212-901-07-00 95640

  BENZ A212-901-42-04 95640

  BENZ A212-901-44-04 95640

  BENZ A221-870-28-93 95640

  BENZ A221-870-47-87 95640

  BENZ A221-870-48-87 95640

  BENZ A221-870-75-26 95640

  BENZ A221-870-76-26 95640

  BENZ A221-870-82-92 95640

  BENZ A4518202585 95320

  BENZ A4519010801 95320

  BENZ A4519011400 95320

  BENZ A4519012201 95320

  BENZ A4519012801 95320

  BENZ A4519015100 95320

  BENZ A4519015106 95320

  BENZ A4519017700 95320

  BENZ A6364460042 95320

  HONDA 77960-S03-G81-M2 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S04-G81-M2 24C01A

  HONDA 77960-S04-N91-M2 93LC46

  HONDA 77960-S04-N93-M2 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S0L-H410-M2 93C56

  HONDA 77960-S10-G92 24C01A

  HONDA 77960-S2H-G010-M1 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S30-G81-M2 24C01A

  HONDA 77960-S3N-N93-v2 93C56

  HONDA 77960-S4N-G010-M1 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S4N-G020-M1 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S84-A72 24C01A

  HONDA 77960-S84-A81 24C01A

  HONDA 77960-S84-A84 24C01A

  HONDA 77960-S84-A84-v2 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S84-A86-v2 93C46

  HONDA 77960-S9A-N810-M2 93C56

  HONDA 77960-SDA-A815-M1 25320

  HONDA 77960-SDA-C014-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SDA-C024-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SDA-C211-M1 25320

  HONDA 77960-SDA-L914-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SDA-Y614-M1-V2 95320

  HONDA 77960-SDA-Y914-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SEP-A111-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SEP-H212-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SHJ-A020-M1 25640

  HONDA 77960-SHJ-C012-M1 95640

  HONDA 77960-SLN-L230-M1 95320

  HONDA 77960-SNA-A218-M1 95640

  HONDA 77960-SNA-A219-M1 25

V5.1.4.0   (2019.07.31)

1. Mileage(8 pin) Increase the following models

Besturn B70 ZB131D
Besturn X40 ZB1201A
Besturn X40 ZB1201B2
Honda CRV 78100-TLZ-H313
Honda Odyssey 78100-T6D-H421M1
Honda CRIDER 78100-T6P-H013
Honda Civic 78100-TES-H010
Honda Civic 78100-TET-H112
Honda Civic 78100-TET-H120
Dongfeng AX3 Z410010J-F0500
Dongfeng FENGON 360 3820010-FB03
Dongfeng FENGON 580 3820010-SA02
Dongfeng DFSK K-CAR 3820010-EK03
JMC Yusheng S330 FS1-10849-EK
Suzuki Alivio 34100-78M90-000

For more updates, you can check out the technical services or our blog.

Packing list:
1pc x Main unit
1pc x Adapter
1pc x USB line
1pc x Charge

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P

Autel MaxiIM IM608


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CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Tool Software Installation& How To Use Guide

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