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NEW BENZ SBC TOOL W211/R230 ABS/SBC TOOL on promotion

NEW BENZ SBC TOOL W211/R230 ABS/SBC TOOL on promotion

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NEW BENZ SBC TOOL W211/R230 ABS/SBC TOOL is a handheld tool which is compatible with latest CAN vehicles, with it, you can clear errors from the SBC system after carrying our repairs and so on. Simple and easy to use.

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by lewis pipkin on Mar 30, 2014
after clear the trouble code, then car work as usual?
Replied by Ada on Mar 30, 2014
Hello Lewis,
Yes. Benz company rules after some time, you need go to professional 4S store to maintain SBC. If not, then your SBC will have C249F fault code. And you cannot speed up. Use this tool, you can clear the C249F fault code and activate the SBC again, then your car will work like you have gone to 4S store for maintenance. And work normally.
Best regards
by Reinhard Narnhofer on Mar 30, 2014
what is the main function for this sbc tool? what is the function for these 3 buttons on the main unit?disable sbc this function can realize?
Replied by Ada on Mar 30, 2014
Hello Beinhard,
This one does not have the function for disable the SBC, main function is read and clear the fault codes for SBC. There are 3 buttons on the main unit, SBC ON means activation, SBC OFF means cannot activation, clear means clear the fault code. There is the user manual on our website for your referance:
Best regards
by Mr.Voytek on Mar 25, 2014
I am jut wondering if this tool can do CF249 fault ,how is possible?what you tell about SR7
Replied by Ada on Mar 25, 2014
Hello Voytek,
This one can read and clear this CF249 fault code. If you only want to read and clear the fault code, then use this one. The support car models and year are listed on the page. If your SBC is broken, then need to go to your local repair shop to do. This one has the 16 pin port, so cannot work on the car models which is non-16 pin. If you have bought Benz mb star series, then do not need to buy this one, you can use your benz star to work on this function. Old car models use DAS, new car models use Xentry. If your car model needs to open the special function to do, then it will ask the code for you. If not ask the code, then directly use benz star to work on your car.
Best regards
by Mr.Alfred on Dec 11, 2013
this tool can repair code error C249F?


Replied by Ada on Dec 11, 2013
Hello Alfred,
Yes. It can repair this code.
Best regards
by Pool on Oct 16, 2013
very good tool. a few days ago sr15 is out of stock, then seller recommend me this sr16, after i get it, test this sr16 on cars that i use sr15 tested before, good result.
Replied by Ada on Oct 16, 2013
Hello Pool,
Yes. This SR16 is the update version of SR15. It can cover all the models that SR15 supported.
Best regards
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