Shipping Policy

Shipment & Delivery of

Being a global OBD2 online supplier, we ship the item all over the world every day. With our quality, fast, affordable services, we enjoy a good reputation around our customers. Once we receive your payment, we will ship the goods to you ASAP. Since the delivery time could be influenced by events of force majeure, such as war, climate, holiday and so on. Under such circumstances one country will have no Express service temporarily. The delay caused by these reasons, please understand.

Attention: Before sign for acceptance, please check the packing condition, if parcel is damaged on the delivery, if the package is sent from us.

Here is some information for our shipment:

1. Alternative shipping method:

We have established friendly business relationship with the following express company and got reasonable shipping cost from them.

1) EU & UK & US Shipping: 3-7 working days. We have stocked up hot sale items in EU & UK & US Warehouse, which is more convenient for you. Fast Delivery No Tax.
Please check: EU & UK Ship & No Tax

2) DHL Shipping: Suitable for customers worldwide. Will take 5-7 working days.
3) 4px & Yanwen Express: TAX Free for European Countries. Will take 7-14 working days normally.

Customers can also choose UPS, TNT FedEx or EMS if you have any special requirement as well as standard post.

Attention: Before you place an order on our website, please contact our customer service to confirm whether the item could reach you by your shipping method.

2. Countries that we usually send the product by YANWEN.

Usually for two reasons to choose this shipping method:

1) High tax
As some custom are checking strictly, sometimes we send the products to customers in the following countries by YANWEN. Because YANWEN is more easier to clear the clearance when we write the low value on the invoice to avoid the high tax.

2) Some goods that are forbidden to import.
Such as for Renault can clip, lexia 3 PP2000, multidiag J2534 diagnostic interface, CDP series and so on. These series are checked strictly by french custom, default shipping method is YANWEN express. If your parcel has these goods, we will change to send the goods to you by yanwen express.

YANWEN special line to France
YANWEN special line to German
YANWEN special line to Spanish
YANWEN special line to Portugal
YANWEN special line to Czech Republic
and YANWEN to other europe coutries

Attention: If you need this shipping method, please leave message on your order to notify us to send the goods to you by yanwen express. Sometimes We will change the shipping method to YANWEN express based on the goods you bought and the country you live. Please understand.

YANWEN usually needs 7-12 working days to arrive you. When you get the tracking number we send to you. You can track your product on

To most middle east counties will send this shipping method. Such as South africa, Kuwait, and so on. This shipping method is easy for us to send goods. Other shipping method sometimes we need to provide special invoice. If you do not want this shipping method, when you place the order, please leave message on your order to notify us.

3. Our usual practice:

For free shipping goods, If order value is under 150USD, usually we will send it to you by flat airmail. If the order you bought are all free shipping goods, and total value over 150USD, usually we will send the parcel to you by express shipping instead of flat airmail, or send one order by several parcels. For this situation, if you still need flat airmail, please leave message on your order. Because for flat airmail, usually no need to pay tax.

Attention: Because the customs policies of each country are different, we do not provide customs clearance services, If you have any special requirement on the shipment , you need to inform us first after you place an order.

Thank you for your cooperation!

4. Special shipment

(1) EMS Service only offer to following specific countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France etc.

(2) Brazil customers notice

If you want to ship the item by DHL, UPS, TNT or Fedex, you have to provide us your CPF No. (tax No.), that's is necessary for shipment and customs clearance. If you don't have CPF No., you can use EMS, HongKong post or Singapore post.

Attention: When you make payment on our website, please leave your phone No., it is especially important for fast shipping. It is necessary for the express company notify you when your goods arrived at your final address.

delivery process
5 Explanation of delivery process:

1) After you make payment, the status of your order will be changed on the background of our website. 

2) If the goods you buy will be shipped out by oridinary airmail, we will directly to prepare for the delivery and ship it out within 2 working days.
    If the goods you buy will be shipped out by express, then we will send an email to you to confirm the shipping information. Once we received your reply, we will ship your item out within 2 working days.
Attention: if you buy some complex instruments, such as digimaster 3, digiprog 3, we will ship it out within 3 working days. Because we must do lots examination to detect it before send it out. Please understand.
If your total amount is over 500USD, we will call you to comfirm the information you leave on our website.

3) Shipping company send the  tracking No. to us

4) We send the tracking No. to our customers. When the information is updated on the official website of the delivery company, you can track your item online.

Holiday shipment notification:

We do not ship the goods during we are on holiday. Once the holiday is over, we will arrange the delivery ASAP. When we send the product to shipping company, it needs shipping company to arrange the flight. As shipping company has lots goods to dispatch for holiday, the flight will be tight, the goods will be delayed 2-3 working days than usual. Please pay attention for this situation when you buy product from our website during holiday. Sorry for this situation. At last we will try our best to send the product to you ASAP