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Product Description

Digimaster 3 (Digimaster III or D3) Odometer Correction Master:
1. Works with various types of adapter, achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz & BMW etc.
2. CAS4+ CPU 1N35H read and write function for BMW

Universal Original Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master

Top 7 reasons to choose digimaster 3:

1) 100% original YANHUA tech made products. With best quality

2) Software is free updated online

3) Unlimited ordinary tokens with 200 special tokens for free

4) High performance hardware platform which takes high-speed CPLD and the ARM11 processor as the core technology

5) With various types of adapter, supporting odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc

6) Supporting programming new keys for BMW and Benz, CAS-BDM reading/writing and resetting; 35080V6 erasure etc. large numbers of pictures and particular description makes your operation pleasant

7) Support CAS4+ CPU 1N35H reading and writing function.

Main function of Digimaster III:

1. Odometer correction
2. Audio decoding
3. Airbage reset
4. ECU programming
5. PIN Code Reading
6. BMW key programming

Special feature:

1. Support OBD-II interface odometer adjustment of Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW and BMW 7 Series models: E65 CAS and the 2009 Audi A6L and Q7.
2. Read BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3 data by CAN interface.
3. Online reading BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3/ 3+/ 4, Mercedes-Benz EIS EEPROM and FLASH data by BDM.
4. Support the Mercedes-Benz S, C, E, odometer and EIS adjustment; Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other European luxury cars odometer adjustment; Chinese domestic car MCU and engineering machinery odometer adjustment;
5. Support the MOTOROLA/FREESCALE series CPU (including some CPU flash) data read and write.
6. Support key programming for Mercedes Benz and BMW series cars.

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.2001.15(01/16/2020)
New added car modle for odometer adjustment
Kubota tractor M704
Lexus NX

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1910.28(11/28/2019)
Auto digital master III: new added car models for odometer adjustment and Airbag resetting.
New added car model for Airbag resetting
Honda 77960-T4N-S911-M1
Honda 77960-T4N-T710-M1

New added car models for odometer adjustment
Cadillac SRX
Cadillac XTS
Kia Soul
MG 750
ICP-TEST adapter for 24 serial chip

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1909.26(09/27/2019)
Add car model for airbag resetting
Mistubishi P8635A073 25640
Mistubishi P8635A067 25640

Add car model for odometer adjusment
Kubota harvaster 93c46 (v2)

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1908.05(08/28/2019)

New added car model for Airbag resetting
Mitsubishi P8635A207
Citroen C5-9810155880
Honda 77960-T9A-P820-M1
Honda 77960-T4N-H711-M1
Honda 77960-TS6-H711-M1
Honda 77960-T4D-H710-M1
Honda 77960-T6P-S610-M1
Honda 77960-T6P-H420-M1
Suzuki 38910-62L00
Honda 77960-T2A-H720-M1
New added car model for odometer adjustment:
Kubota Tractor 93c56
Casece Harvester 93C46
Suzuki vitara 93C86
New added adapter
Universal pin detect adapter

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1903.26 (03/28/2019)

Newly added car for airbag resetting
Mitsubishi P8635A248
Mitsubishi P8635A251
Mitsubishi P8635A206

Newly added car model for odometer adjustment
Honda Motor CBR1000
SUZUKI Motor 93C66

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1902.26 (02/27/2019)
Newly added car for airbag resetting
Suzuki 38910-59J71-000
MG_Rover 10003952-01
Infiniti 988201WW2A

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1901.28 (01/30/2019)
Newly added car for airbag resetting
Toyota 4700-89170-60330
Toyota RAV4-89170-42630
Toyota 89170-08080
Toyota FJ-CRUISE 89170-35270
Toyota 89170-02B00
SSanyong Rexton 89250-08121

Newly added car for odometer adjustment
Honda 2018 CRV

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1811.18 (11/28/2018)

new added car model for airbag resetting
Toyota RAV4 89170-OR050
Toyota 89170-OK141
Toyota 89170-OE040
Toyota 89170-06370
Toyota 89170-48350

new added car model for odometer correction
Toyota crosses
KIA K2 (MB91F061BS)
Hyundai IX25
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Verna
KIA Sportage R(MB919F061BS)
Honda XRV

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1810.18 (10/19/2018)

new added car model for airbag resetting
SUZUKI 38910-56K21-000
SUZUKI 38910-C1100 J3858312
Nissan 98820 3WUOA
Honda 89170-60350

new added car model for odometer correction
Honda Civic 2017

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1809.25 (09/28/2018)
new added car model for odometer correction
Honda 2017 CRV
Buick GL8 BCM

new added car model for airbag resetting
Hyundai 95910-OU110
Hyundai 95910-4V000
Hyundai 95910-4Q300
Honda 77960-T6P-H411-M1
Honda 77960-TOX-H711-M4
Peugeot 9810153880
Peugeot 9810153980
Infiniti Q5OL-98820-2V70A
KIA 95910-B5300
Mistbishi O8635A122
Volkswagen 6RD959655G
Volkswagen 56D959655B

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1707.21 (02/08/2017)
new add car models for odometer adjustment and airbag resetting models.
New added odometer adjustment:
1. American GM Buick Regal 24C32
2. American GM Buick LaCrosse 24C32
3. American GM Buick Verano 24C32
New added airbag resetting:
1. Luxgen 28556KM120
Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1705.20 (27/05/2017)
New added Benz anti-theft function list:
1. Write NEC ECU
2.Erase key
Bug Fixed:
Fix the communication between the host device and NEC-Key II adapter

DigiMaster III Upgrade Notice Version: 1.8.1704.23 (05/05/2017)

Digimaster III New Added car models for odometer adjustment and anti-theft system

Newly added the odometer adjustment function:

Ford Escort 93C66

Ford Mondeo 93C66

Ford Mustang 93C66

Newly added the anti-theft function:

Modify Key ID.


New Added car model for Airbag Resetting:

1. Ford 9M5T-14B321-CA
2. Mazda BKC3-57K30-A
3. Mazda KR11-57K30-B
4. Kia K3 95910-B5000
5. Hyundai 95910-B3000
Newly Update for Digimaster III

1. DigiMaster-III Newly added key programming function
It is applicable for high-class cars such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. Innovative automatic mode for key programming technology, multi-language operation, the key programming complete in one go, effectively ensure the security of reading and writing data.

2. DigiMaster-III New Generation Core Framework
Applying the new G3 platform of Yanhua Tech and the innovative consumption mode of "Pay as you go"support the latest car, global synchronic upgrade, extend and integrate functions freely.

3. DigiMaster-III Intelligent Operation Platform

4. Upgrade the single-task system into intelligent multi-task and multi-thread operation system, extend functions freely and unlimitedly.

5. DigiMaster-III Comprehensive Upgraded Operation Interface
It breaks away from the original monotonous static interface, based on IE core technology to support rich and dynamic effects as well as advanced skin interface. And it is more beautiful and friendly, supports for many language around the world.

6. DigiMaster-III High Definition Digital Screen
Upgrade the low definition LCD color screen (320X240) to the imported HD digital TFT color screen (800X480) which applying the precision touch technology

Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master supported vehicles:

Digimaster 3 supported detailed vehicle list

igimaster 3 supported BMW CAS 2000-2014 list

Digimaster 3 supported IMMO Key programming vehicle list

Digimaster supported mileage correction vehicle list

Odometer correction vehicle:

European, American, Japanese and Korea.

Alfa Audi Aston BMW Benz Bentley Cadillac Chrysler Citroen Daihatsu

Ford FIAT Ferrari Forkman GM Honda Hyundai ISUZU Jaguar KIA

Lincoln Lexus Lamborghini Lancia Lotus Martin Mazda Mitsubishi Man Maserati

Nissan Opel Proton Peugeot Porsche Renault Rover

SSangYong Subaru SUZUKI Saab Skoda Toyota Truck

Volvo Volkswagen Wiesmann

Othe vehicle Motorcycle Truck

Airbag Resetting supported car models:


IMMO supported car models:

Peugeot Citroen Audi

Key Programming supported car models:

BMW Benz

For detailed supported car models you can click: Digimaster 3 supported car models.

Other information about digimaster 3:
1) About register
Now digimaster 3 is not been registered before shipped out. When you get the product, send your order number and Device ID to sales@OBDexpress.co.uk, we will resend the register ID and password back. If you need we register it for you, please leave the message to us on your order. We will register it for you before sending.

You will find your ID on this place

digimaster 3 iii

2) About usage:
Customer who want buy digimaster 3 please do have basic knowledge about chip desoldering.
Digimaster 3 has 3 ways to change the mileage: 1) via OBD, 2) via chips 3) via dashboard. Some vehicles needs you desoldering chips.

New Added car model for Airbag Resetting:

1. Ford 9M5T-14B321-CA
2. Mazda BKC3-57K30-A
3. Mazda KR11-57K30-B
4. Kia K3 95910-B5000
5. Hyundai 95910-B3000

Updating models for mileage correction:
1 Peugeot 408 2015 BSI 95256 95256
2 Peugeot 408 2015 Instrument 95160 95160
3 Roewe 350 2014 Instrument 95080 95080
4 Roewe 350 2014 Body ECU 24C16 24C16
5 Faw Elysee Instrument 93C86 93C86
6 Faw Elysee BSI 95256 95256
7 JMC Shunda 24C08 24C08
8 Howo 24C04 24C04
Updating models for airbag resetting:
1 Ford Mondeo DS7T-14B321-EB 95640
2 Ford Mondeo BS7T-14B321-AC 95320
3 Mitsubishi Jin Hyun 8635A321-0285011550 95640
4 Cadillac Seville 5WY87270 95160
Digimaster III Newly Updated car models for mileage adjust Ford and Grand Cherokee on 16th March
Newly updated car models for mileage adjust
1.Ford F150(Raptor)24C16
2.Ford Falcon 24C02
3.Grand Cherokee 93C86 V1 93C86
4.Grand Cherokee 93C86 V2 93C86

Digimaster 3 Connector Instruction

Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction

1 25 Pin adapter connector 8 15 Pin adapter connector
2 Mini USB Connector 9 Power adapter
3 USB Mouse Connector 10 switch
4 RJ45 LAN Connector 11 Power Indicator Light
5 Earphone Connector 12 Touch-Pen Connector
6 SD Card Connector 13 Keyboard
7 Microphone Connector 14 7 Inch LCD Touch-screen
Keystoke Function Instruction
F1 Backspace
keyboard open/close soft-keyboard
OK Enter

Digimaster 3 Adapter List:

(Notice: The digimaster 3 factory newly adjusted the packing list. Cable with Red mark "cancel" means it is no more included in digimaster package, Red mark "add" means it is newly added into digimaster 3 package)
OBP Adapter
ICP Adapter
NEC Adapter
NEC 14-PIN cable
W203/W220 Adapter
TMS370 Programmer
MCU Adapter
K&CAN Adapter
BENZ 38PIN (Cancel)
BENZ OBD(Cancel)
BMW E36 Meter Socket Connecting Cable (Cancel)
BMW E38/39
Ford Ranger
9S12 Adapter
Lexus LS400 Adapter
Grand Cherokee Adapter
W211 Adapter
E65/E66 Adapter
CAN&BDM Programmer
BMW CAN Adapter
MC705-PROG Adapter
MC711-PROG Adapter
MC705E6 (Cancel)
IAR key
ESL (Cancel)
29FXX (Cancel)
SUPER BDM Adapter (Add)

Customer asked questions:

Q: Digimaster 3 and digiprog 3 are both odometer correction tools, can you tell me the difference. Digimaster 3 is so expensive, i want to know it better.
A: Digimaster 3 has the main function of digiprog 3, but the car models they support are different. Such as Didiprog 3 support Benz/BMW/Porsch key programming function, while digimaster support more car models for airbag reseting function. The relationship of the supported car models is not coverage, but complementary. Digiprog 3 has 8 kind of language to choose, while Didiprog 3 only has English language.

Q: How to update it?
A: Our digimaster 3 is updated online. You can follow our user update manual to update on the website.

Q: I see the tokens on your website, it adds some car models, do i must buy it?
A: The product you mean Item number SS65. If you want to do more and newer car models, then you can buy it. If you just want to do the car models on the attached files, then just buy this product is ok.

Q: Do i need to register it first after i get it, or before i use it to work on cars?
A: This one needs register. But we will register it ready before we send it to you. Once you get it, you can use it directly.

Q: Does it need user name and password? I need to update it, please tell me it.
A: This one does not need user name and password. Ignore it and go official website to update it.

Q: When i use it, i do not find my car list, does it mean it cannot work on my car?
A: No. You can use it based on the chip. There is the chip list on the main unit. You can change the mileage based on the chip.

Q: Can i use it to change the motocycle models?
A: Yes.

Q: I'm trying to change odometer in bmw e46 2005 by obd with vw audi adaptor lead as stated on screen instructions but it says device not found?
A: You use the wrong way to change the odometer. Because this one is not directly change the mileage via OBD. When you use this digimaster 3, there is the prompt on the screen, see this prompt. You need to remove the chip. On the screen, it will prompt you where is the chip on dashboard. Follow the prompt to remove the chip, then follow the prompt to choose the right cable to connect the chip with digimaster 3.

Q:i lost my CD card in digimaster3,could we install the digimaster 3 software?
A:You should:

1. Buy a new blank SD card within 8GB.

2.Go to the YANHUA TECH official website to donwload software:



3.After software downlods,you should unzip the software file first ,copy it to the new SD card,there is an operation instruction in the file package, follow the instructions to synchronize the SD card program.

Q: Will Digimaster 3 mileage programmer supports Renault Megane 2 Phase 2 from 2007?
A: Yes! Yanhua Digimaster 3 can change mileage for Renault Megane 2 Phase 2 old and newer models.

Digimaster 3 menu:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

IMMO code reader function support car list shown:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Supported models: Europe, America, Japan and Korea, Motor and Engineering truck

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Airbag setting function supported models:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Audio decoding function supported models:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

European models shown:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

American models shown:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Japan and Korea models shown:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Supported Motor type:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Supported benz models for key programming function:

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

BMW and workable immobilizer type key programming, D3 program ECU for BMW and supported chip type

digimaster iii 3 digimaster3 yanhua

Other supported File, IC Read, CPU Program and Signal Generator

Digimaster iii Dgiagnostic port read code

Original Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master

Digimaster iii supported Citroen type

Original Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master

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DIGIMASTER III write key-8 pin IC desoldering

How to use digimaster 3 to change mileage by OBD port

DIGIMASTER III write key-Circuit connection of welding

How To Update D3 Digimaster 3 kernel

Tech Service

1)Digimaster 3 black screen / white screen? how to fix it, check way in the following description;
2)check more digimaster iii digimaster 3 technical FAQ.
3)How to install Digimaster 3 software on Windows XP/7/10
4)How to solve Digimaster 3 Error "Cannot copy “LCB_ALFA_147.htm”


How to operate Digimaster 3 ?

1. digimaster 3 function menu


2. digimaster 3 function

3. digimaster 3 basic info

4. digimaster 3 select car series

5. digimaster 3 adjust odometer

6. digimaster 3 adjust odometer

7. digimaster 3 adjust gls

8. digimaster 3 success adjust gls

9.  digimaster 3 adjust mileage


Digimaster 3 update kernel
After update EBOOT, it is necessary to update kernel.

Tips: Before update EBOOT, please instal D3 TOOL first.

Step 1: Press button number 8 and button OK at the same time, and turn the power on. When you see “Press OK to confirm and continue update Firmware” press OK, then it enter the procedure of updating.
Step 2: Connect D3 with a computer through Mini USB (purple color), you can see a tip "Found New Hardware wizard".As the image shown below.

Step 3: choose "install the software automatically", click "click"
Step 4:  If DIGIMASTER 3 have been installed already, choose the second “SEC SOC SMDK Board” in dialog box as shown below, and click "Next" to complete driver installation.

Step 5:Double-click Digimaster 3 PC Tools and choose "Kernel Update".

Step 6: Make sure the purple Mini USB is connected, then you can see " USB connect succeed"


Step 7: click "Kernel Update" and choose "EBOOT_20110427.bin" then click "OK" to start EBOOT program update.
Step 8: After 10sec. the DIGIMASTER 3 screen appears a twinkling red 'YH' logo which means EBOOT update is complete.

After update EBOOT successfully, please turn the power off and choose a appropriate way to update the kernel.

TIPS: Please uninstall the anti-virus software and firewall temporarily in order to run the software normally.

After Update EBOOT, still not work?
Second way, please operate by following the next tips:

1.Remove SD card from D3 to cardreader,and connect to PC. After successful connection, click "Removable Disk(E:)" as showed in the picture.


2. Delete the old file "YHTech" which is inSD card.
3. Copy the "YHTech" files from CD, and save it in SD card.
4. Please insert SDcard into D3 after successfully copy and paste. Then connect to network andturn on D3, click "OK" for downloading when appear remark of "Pleaseconnect network download hypervisors!" in the interface. It can befunctioned after successful download.”

1) When you use digimaster3 ck1200, if the following error appears, this is IP restriction,
please tell us, we will help you remove restriction according to IP.

2) The following digimaster3 BMW adapter has not been concluded:

Now it is replaced by this one:

3) Digimaster 3 English version doesn't have TMS370 Programmer adpater, only Chinese version has.

How to install Digimaster 3 software on Windows XP/7/10
Digimaster 3 software download on Windows XP/7/10:

via the Yanhua official site: http:/iccdp.com/
 Click on “Download” and find out the correct software used with digimaster 3
 Digimaster 3 operation system:
      Windows XP (except version 2002);
      Windows 7 32 or 64 bit
      Windows 10 (need luck)
For Digimaster 3 Windows 10:
you have to set up something first when you finish Digimaster 3 software installation:
run Digimaster 3 properties and go to compatibilities and tick on run as admin
you’re advised to use Windows 7 without anti-virus application! The path cannot be changed and the app must be saved in the disk C: (if you install it in other disks, you will fail to open the app for use; if you have changed the path, please uninstall and install it again.)
Tip: cannot run Digimaster 3 on Windows 7 system
A8: go to Digimaster 3 properties->compatibilities->run as admin->ok->update
Tip: How to connect Digimaster 3 to a laptop/computer and how search data saved (that is read out by Digimaster 3)
A11: you can take out the SD card from Digimaster 3 machine and put it into a car reader to connect to a laptop to get data read out; also, you can connect Digimaster 3 directly to the laptop:
Windows XP:
go to the official site and download D3 TOOLS software;
connect D3 and the laptop using a mini USB cable;
connected successfully;
then you can read data in my computer->mobile device
Windows 7:
directly connect D3 and the laptop using a mini USB cable;
connected successfully;
pop up info from Windows Mobile device center and connection succeeds;
click on “not set up” and connect;
click on file management->NandFlash->YHTech->User
(if you want read data from the D3 SD card, firstly you should install Digimaster 3 and the like)

Yanhua Digimaster3 Toyota Viios 2015 MB91F047 Pinout
MCU Chip: Toyota Viios 2015 MB91F047
Device: Yanhua Digimaster3
Need: Correct Pinout
Purpose: Change ODO from 50k to 28k
In digimaster 3 no c66 I.C only 93C66 and 93LC66.
Digimaster3 Toyota Viios 2015 Mb91f047 Pinout 01
Digimaster3 Toyota Viios 2015 Mb91f047 Pinout 02
Digimaster3 Toyota Viios 2015 Mb91f047 Pinout 01Digimaster3 Toyota Viios 2015 Mb91f047 Pinout 02
Finally, Done Changing ODO by Removing c66 I.C and Write Millage data using Digimaster 3.

 4.How to solve Digimaster 3 Error "Cannot copy “LCB_ALFA_147.htm”

Here is the solution of how to solve Digimaster 3 Insufficient Memory or File Copy Error when it copy files 
Cannot copy “LCB_ALFA_147.htm”. There is not enough free disk space.

Digimaster3 No Memory Solution 1
Digimaster3 No Memory Solution 2


1. Turn off DigimasterIII and turn on again, when you enter Digimaster 3 system, there will be a notice asking to download a management program or black screen. Please ignore and press “keyboard” + “E” to enter the resource manager.
2. Find the “NandFlash” icon, double click “NandFlash”, delete the “YHTech” file folder. If the file folder cannot be deleted, please restart and try again.
3. After you delete the file, copy the necessary “YHTech” file folder and “NK_D3.ROM” file to SD card.
4. Press “1” + “Keyboard” and turn on the power switch, start to refresh the inner core.
5. When the inner core refresh is finished, and the Digimaster III start icon can be seen, press the “F1” and “5” button in turn immediately, copy files from the SD card to FLASH.
6. When copy finished, you’ll be able to turn it on successfully.

Learn more:

How Digimaster 3 Change Mileage For Ford Mondeo 1,6 SCTi 160 HK 

Solved! Digimaster 3 Not Enough Free Disk Space Error

How to solve digimaster3 can't turn on normally  
Need download:sd card refreshing software:https://mega.nz/file/FJZk1KiT#xN7jnSI6GnP-v3r_TtihmAny5e7t2Jbma3z7QUoxc3M
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