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Genuine LAUNCH X431 X-431 iDiag Auto Diag Scanner for IOS

Genuine LAUNCH X431 X-431 iDiag Auto Diag Scanner for IOS

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LAUNCH X431 iDiag Auto Diag Scanner for IOS achieves X431 series full car model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis, which include reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, reading vehicle data stream, actuation test and special functions.
Language: English/Germany/French/Japanese/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese

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by Mr.ericcanna on Apr 2, 2015
Hello have purchases for my X431 Idiag but my connector got spoiled and i order for new but i want to use my old subscription for the new Device.
can it be possible ?
please i need the solution ASAP
Replied by Ada on Apr 2, 2015
Hello ericcanna,
Sorry to tell you one firmware with one serial number, your software is made based on the serial number. If you change to use another idiag with different serial number, it cannot use the old software.
Best regards
by Dean Rogers on Oct 11, 2013
where to get the device serial number and password?
Replied by Ada on Oct 11, 2013
Hello Dean,
There is the paper in the package, you can find them on this paper.
launch x431 idiag ios
Best regards
by cristian on Sep 12, 2013
can I use this idiag software on my windows laptop? i am very interneted in it, but i do not have any apple products.
Replied by Ada on Sep 12, 2013
Hello Cristian,
Sorry to tell you that up to now, idiag software only can be used on IOS and Android system.
Best regards
by jocelyn on Sep 12, 2013
How many devices can bluetooth of IOS system connect? Can I use it to match two device at the same time?
Replied by Ada on Sep 12, 2013
Hello Jocelyn,
No. One bluetooth only can match one device. Because bluetooth matching is based on point to point. It cannot match two or more device at the same time.
ation program at the same time, to avoid the influence for bluetooth and communication.
Best regards
by Serba Olga on Aug 1, 2013
idiag does not have any software? how do i know it can work if i get it? only after i buy the software?
Replied by Ada on Aug 1, 2013
Hello Serba,
No. This idiag series free to send OBDII and DEMO software. You can use this two software to test the hardware. Up to now, this hardware does not have any problem. Our launch series is original and quality is very good.
Best regards
by Helge on May 30, 2013
this one has any requirement for the iso system version?
Replied by ada on May 30, 2013
Hi Helge,
Yes. This one need ISO version is IOS 5.0 or higher.
Best regards
by marco moschetti on May 30, 2013
good morning,
can i use this auto diag scanner with my mini pad? my mini pad system is ios. i also want to know can i use it on other terminal? like iphone?
please give me your answer
Replied by ada on May 30, 2013
Hi Marco,
Yes. This IOS x431 auto diag scanner can be used on Apple PC device that use IOS system, iphone, Pad, mini pad.
Best regards
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