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Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic software installation

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WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language Bluetooth

WAS Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Multi-Language Bluetooth   Item No. SH49

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MULTI-DIAG TRCUK Heavy Duty Diagnostic tool is developed by European companies. It covers all European trucks, buses and light vehicles, the DTCs and data is absolutely accurate, ad michell and alldata, multi-diag truck includes maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters.


Here is the tips you need to pay attention when you install this software and information about this multi-diag truck diagnostic tool.

Complete activation data is like this

PN - MA006964
FW - 11.3.1
SN - P001670707
Generated password: DD600F5A1233196EFA303929CB1CE929A
Send these information and your order number to After we get these information, We will resend another activation data you need to you. Then you can use the data to activate your multi-diag truck. 

Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic software installation

Part 1: What should you pay attention to when you install this Multi-Di@g Truck software?

1) Make sure your computer system time must be the same date as you install the software
please dend the file 'key' to us. Before install the software, check the computer system time, it must be the time of the day, it can’t be changed.

2) Before we send you the activation key, please do not disconnect computer power supply and the device,
and do not let the computer sleep. You cannot close computer till successfully active the software.

3) We will give you the activation key

Part 2: Customer frequently asked question for Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic:

Q: What is the difference for DAF truck diagnose tool with this Multi-diag truck diagnostic tool?
A: DAF is used for diagnose USA truck models, while this Multi-diag truck is mainly used for diagnose European models, and it still can work on some Asian, USA models too.

Q: You say this one can work on USA truck models too, can i regard this one can work on some same models as DAF truck diagnostic?
A: Yes. For some USA truck models, both of the two support.

Q: Multi-diag truck diagnostic tool support DAF trucks, can you give me the detailed model list?
A: Here is the list: 65CF, 75CF, 85CF, 95XF, CF65, CF65IV, CF75, CF75IV, F75, F65, F55, F45, CF85, CF85IV, F85, F95, LF45, LF45IV, LF55, LF55IV, XF105, XF95

Q: What is the highlight for this multi-diag truck diagnostic tool compared with other european truck diagnostic tools?
A: MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is the most powerful diagnostic tool for heavy duty and bus. It can diagnose more than 60 brand trucks like MERCEDES BENZ, MAN and SCANIA, including 1000 electronic control systems. It covers all European trucks, buses and light vehicles. Multi-Diag truck is developed in Europe, the data is absolute accurate.

Q: PS2, X431 Heavy duty, Genisys EVO from USA, these are all truck diagnostic tools, what is the advantage of this multi-diag truck compared with them?
A: Compared with PS2, X431 Heavy duty, Multi-Di@g Truck testing data all collected from Truck and Bus from European, data more accurate.
Compared with Genisys EVO from USA, Multi-Di@g Truck is much better on Mercedes Benz, MAN, DEUTZ, VOLVO, SCANIA, Renault those vehicles diagnose.

Q: And for electronic control systems of DAF trucks, please give me the specefic information this multi-diag truck diagnostic tool support.
A: Here is the detailed information:

ABS C, Anti lock braking system
ABS D, Anti lock braking system
ABS E, Anti lock braking system
ABS/ASR D, Anti lock braking System
ACH-EA, Auxiliary Heater
As Tronic, Gearbox with electronic control
DIP-4, DAF Instrument Panel
DMCI, Multi-Controller Injection
DTCD, Digital Tachograph
EAS2, Exhaust gases treatment
EBS 2, Electronic Braking System
EBS. Electronic Braking System
ECAS 2 4X2, Electronically Controlled Air suspension
ECAS 4, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECAS-1, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECAS-2 6x2,Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECAS-3,Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECS-DC3, Engine Control System - DAF Cummins
ECS-DC4, Engine Control S]/Stem - DAF Cummins
EST-42, Retarder
EST-52, Retarder
Service-2, Maintenance
service, Maintenance
UPEC, Unit Pump Electronically Controlled
Vic, Vehicle central computer
vic-2, Vehicle central computer
VIC-3, Vehicle central computer

Q: What function MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS support for DAF trucks?
A: MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS supported function for DAF trucks: Dignose, Messwearte, Ecu Date, Stellglieder, Steuergerate-Daten, Parameter, Kalibrieren, Rucksetzen, Manueller Prozess
For more details about MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS function list, please check the  column “technical support” or the “Related Download Files”.
Note: Because the truck electronic system updating cycle is a little long, usually it will spend 3 -5 years until the new function is released, therefore, even in 2015 but your truck was manufactured in 2012, our MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS will still work with your car. However, we will keep developing for our users the newer and reliable software with new function.

Q: Can i use this multi-diag truck diagnostic tool work on other vehicles? What vehicles can i work on?
A: Yes. This one is not only a truck diagnostic tool, you can still use it on light commercial vehicles, special vehicles, tractor, agricultural vehicles, trailer and bus.

Q: Besides the diagnostic function, what other functions this one have?
A: Yes. DTCs and data stream are another important function for this multi-diag truck diagnostic tool. This two data is absolute accurate, it is even more like a heavy duty encyclopedia, as Michelle and Alldata, Multi-Diag trucks also contains maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters. This price is high, but it is worth to own. Buy this one, you will own many small products at the same time.

Q: Can multi-diag truck function cover Nexiq USB link? What about DGTECH DPA5 and CAT CA2?
A: Answer is NO. Why? For Nexiq usb link, DGTECH DPA5 and CAT CA2, all of them support RP1210A/B compatible devices, based on American standard and protocols. MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS mainly work with the famous European and Russian vehicles, MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS also work with a part of American vehicles.

Q: Compared with the other tuck diagnostic tools, what advantages MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS owns?
A: 1) Compared with the American OTC Genisys EVO®, which is more powerful in working with American vehicles and OBD protocol vehicles. MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is more powerful in diagnosing European heavy duty, such as: Germany Mercedes Benz, MAN, DEUTZ, Sweden Volvo, Scania, French Renault and more models.
2) MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS is developed by the cooperation of Actia and JALTEST, and MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS hardware is also designed by the same master who also designs JALTEST LINK hardware, but Spanish JALTEST LINK is more attentive to hardware. Besides with best hardware, Actia MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS software is also the best in the world, therefore, it will be amazing to troubleshoot truck trouble with MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS.

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