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XTruck 125032 USB Link customers question and solution

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XTrucks 125032 USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Diagnose Interface and Software with All Installers

XTrucks 125032 USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Diagnose Interface and Software with All Installers   Item No. SH27-C

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XTrucks 125032 USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Interface and Software is a PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with multiple software applications, minimizing your investment in multiple brand-specific diagnostic.


Here is some question and problem of our customers meet. From these information, you will know this XTruck better. Hope it can help you.
Q1: Can I update your XTruck 125032 USB Link? Where? How?
A1: Sorry, please do not update XTruck 125032 USB Link, otherwise it will not work.

Q2: Does your XTruck 125032 needs password when use this software?
A: No. It does not need the password. There is the user manual in the package, please follow the manual and install the software in right way.

Q3: I followed the instructions step by step to install the drivers. I didn't have internet connection and I never tried to update the USB-Link. The "POWER" light" got on and the "DATA" & "FAULT" lights go on and off, on and off. And the device manager show and hide the USB-link drive.
A3:  This is because you install the original new driver and the XTruck is broken, you need to return back to us for repair. (Note: please do not install the original software with our hardware.)

Q4: I want to use this XTruck to work on Volvo Bus and Isuzu truck, but find that there is no communication between this two models, what is the problem? What about CAT?
A4: Hardware of XTruck is not compatible with Volvo Bus, hardware does not support. Our Isuzu software is North American version. You can use it to work on North American Isuzu. Nexiq is not very good at diagnose CAT too. Especially for Asian Cat. Up to now, this Nexiq only support CAT with J1939 and J1708 protocol. But for Cat engine, basically protocol is CDL, it is specially for CAT models. For J1939 Protocol, CAT model does not use yet.

Q5: When i install the software ready, i start the engine, software prompt me error code 275.00, what's the meaning? As the photo shown:
A6: Problem is that you do not installed the driver ready, so this software does not recognize the hardware. Please install the driver again.

Q6: When i use this XTruck to connect the truck, power and data light keeps flashing, what's wrong?
A6: Problem is that you update this XTruck. Do not update it when you use it. We have state this information on the page. For update, you need to send it back to us, we will repair it for you.

Q7: When i load Isuzu IDSS software, i am failed. And software gives me this error prompt: "CRC error: the file C:\Program Files\IDSS\ images\2007icvch \processed\fullsize\fullb606.rra doesnt match the file in the setup' file."
A7: For this prompt, it is caused by two reasons: 1) You do not use the right way to load this software, follow the user manual to do it; 2) Your system does not compatible this software.

Q8: When i open the software, i meet this prompt: "Unable to read value software\Mack Trucks, Inc\Common\Device ID". First i choose "Preferences",  next "RP123A Device name", then i find XTruck USB in the drop down box. Why this happen?
A7: For your problem, it is caused by the following reason:
1) Your driver is not installed ready. Check your driver installation and install the patch file of the CD.
2) Your computer has other software that is not compatible with this software, or there is XTruck software has installed on your computer before. Change another computer to install the software again.

Q9: When i use this software to work on cars, it gives prompt: " Error 10110: An error has occurred in the application. Contact helpdesk.". How to solve this?

A9: hello, this prompt is software does not support your car, please change other software to check if it can work on other cars, better to use cummins software to test. to check if firmware work normally or not.
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