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V7.5 ETKA Electronic Catalogue For Audi VW Seat Skoda Multi-language send by CD

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Product Description

The Electronic Catalogue AUDI VW Seat Skoda contains the full information on spare parts and accessories (separately the catalogue of accessories Audi,VW,Seat,Skoda on CD more is not issued) for cars of concern VAG, including minibuses.The catalogue borrows(occupies) one CD, it is possible to establish(install) for work with use of CD,or completely on the winchester.
ETKA Electronic Catalogue v7.5 for?Audi VW Seat Skoda

Language: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese
Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda ETKA Electronic Catalogue allows to enter VIN number of the machine{car} and carries out a filtration, using it{him}, but thus number of a body is not considered, that is the program will define{determine} on VIN model and modelling year (using first 11 symbols VIN), the rest will have to choose independently. It is meant, that with the program Audi, VW can work with thought up last figures VIN of number that can lead to mistakes{errors} in identification of units.

In the program AUDI - VW there is a function of search of application spare parts, it{she} allows to search for application of a detail only on AUDI or only VW, or on all VAG at once, and also the information concerning to replacements and returnable parts, the information on "fractional" replacements.

At work with Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda ETKA Electronic Catalogue, it is necessary to pay special attention on various footnotes and notes, and also if necessary to look in lists of fractional replacements and V, S and P-page more often to not receive a detail which you did not wait.

The price-list is delivered separately on CD, or on a diskette. As you can download the price-list which is connected to the program from our site  Groups are registered In the price-list dealer discount if you wish to know real cost of purchase spare parts in Germany. Discounts consist of seven groups (for spare parts) and change from 10 up to 60 %, or the uniform discount on all groups of the order of 20 % so you can approximately calculate, on how many you are "heated up" with distributors trading autospare parts.

If you do not check everyone VIN on V-page, pay attention that modelling year of the machine{car} from VIN numbers and a real date of issue of the machine{car} can differ strongly enough, both forward, and back.

Except for V-page in the program is still M-page, P-page, S-page, these pages contain the information on the additional equipment, variants of execution{performance}, and also on what models it was used. To find these codes of the concrete machine{car} it is possible on shield machines{cars} or in the service book, and sometimes it is visible and is simple eyes (type of a body or color).

For coding model and year of release concern VAG in VIN number uses signs under the order with 7 on 11 inclusive (signs 7-th and 8-th model of the machine{car}, 10-year of release). First three signs VIN specify a place (country) where the machine{car}, the following three (ZZZ) in general any information is made{produced} do not contain, they are reserved on the future (for the information{inquiry}, all models Audi since 1986 are made of the zinced leaf

ETKA V7.5 installation tips:

Note: please do not follow the next instruction to install ETKA on 64bit computer system, otherwise you can't install. 
After install the software, extract it to the D:, the other disk can't run. 
1. Click "QQ:1" 
Select English in the dialog box, click on Next until it is done. 
2. Copy "LEXHDL5.DLL" to "c:windowssystem" 
3. Click on "Emulator", then click the first icon "Install/Start Emulator". 
4. Copy "ETKA 7.5 2016" to the desktop.
Double click on "ETKA 7.5 2016" to run (Installation complete) 
"MSVCR100.DLL" is the default database of vs2010 coding program, install "vcredist_x86.exe" to solve it.

Package including:

1pc x DVD

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How to install ETKA Electronic Catalogue v7.5

Tech Service

Here is a package of VMware Windows 7 with 04.2017 ETKA 7.5/7.4/7.3 & ElsaWin 5.3 (AUDI 02.2016-VW 01.2016).

It’s shared by bolskaya in the MH community (BIG THANKS!!)
Etka 7.X plus (7.3 - 7.4 - 7.5 updates 04.2017 + prices)
Launcher Etka - Config - Downloader
Etka Config and Downloader 4.0 by RAG
ElsaWin 5.3 with base AUDI 02.2016 and VW 01.2016 Language only English-German
ElsaWin Admin account :
Username : admin
Password : admin
ElsaWin account:
Username : elsa
Password : elsa
Folder Mega!9U8yhaKa!LtpuJp9Q0mw7j7vFjTUkZQ
27 Files Mega!wI0TwSKR!mg-KKnlih-hyzEyCNpL8mTWtJxGrJdYfmVagAUonT1c!5U1URYiY!qEnKo-vlWMgmUhbn5uhG_mc18lCvnl771KW8IAvXEj0!tdNgVR7S!Y0zVqJ3KuPFi0aoTvAf2guHQlWlKZTc0QhjjQqRBdQk!tcEDGADC!bU2xWhyWWPkkMrD7vFWV3WSOA2d5i0MqBWP1uXAe0Ew!0Fdm0CYI!Ba3upSFiE2HyYvpiYHYXREyiFe2R2ONMBofia98HYTA!9dUwQCAJ!1rWQoM9ZfeRDrUs0ylx7DpixmsXT-Scomv6x2wC2Yvs!VZdXXDQb!jF76dWNCBDPMGQdN7iFiy_OyxP7CDVjpsnOCfdA4_VE!0N0yQKYI!Qne-2NKC7KrsqPv6uXPqKdsS9WaJlnwB_dzoJvUaqh4!1BsCDQqb!zGJvZ371E_yt4siSXNGjZtvh0Ec9UUQL-2wdzRtUW5o!Ydc3lAZZ!04ygjQJ93VmtSkyVlLrRu3ui3ZweyUKU1tmYuRL9YV0!EcED1T6R!wRs1SVexD6WvvMKl-PaSF-yRi-lL8PVC8Pgm67PCrrA!dNk3mISS!KuZi51Kib7LJshj8P14mBVrJyL1ueFeaQu_cASxbe6c!pNE2QIJL!5a9RzAisIMKd4t858fMtUIfJxGpNOj72qhbIKx-TiI8!8EMSWSDY!C5-MHyilmebUnZZUPNXzl2DNbm-pRReManxafykVzh0!wRljUaYR!iq1cBusiWTn6cm-EASB3UKGIH-hq7hPqfy-_OScS5qU!0Ad0ATRT!n6OVMK2VHP76jMcoinsVneEqvha3GxPhACXfRzdj5Dg!9UFB3IiT!2C7A-yMRsyA6iiuQUS6EDorSRXQZMqKs5lOtU3WE86I!ZBFVGaqR!4_o28j8HcPzF0y5r-sbNr9eintc3Yunx44vjVjzRd54!4c9RkRJC!FSztV6dfXhE5gdE4bKhUOJLwctXq9h63TLwX8pX3veg!INcgFIqB!AozHknDKuF8vyeCcs-L3zz9uIhBrBRO4hOX1V2-yk3M!YB1yBTrD!LLBCwBbtWK8f4CrfvpA3B62tkjNeqzOUvNp4K-2sjn4!4E0ABQjD!ERaKPPzxj76CivCuillmcBsgLj6MruIjYyp0V4AuN3o!NBFBBLbC!1HJeRTd2RLcaL_KAbjz_JFIUpHkEFbTk68cAUm2N1Is!dIdXCTqQ!WsNRWUSJy-0LrjsEwFVtDEDJ9aPwTQzq6Z_lj5bbTiE!wMNWFBjS!pX9kHBOhIb3LKscynxT6U_ntDff_nXPxTDIJZLcG2Io!gAl2VQSb!SRfwDwTGmAW_e3mKJGzQKZxt_eBRZfFmk-C5cS7gGac!1NlgHBCA!DveGRmjWUgfCAR7puL40Ejp0PLo1kqpsJEL0SeOc4iU
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-          Etka 7.4 spare parts catalogue
Optional parts & accessories