Terms and Conditions


As our customer, you should obey the terms and conditions of our website OBDexpress.co.uk.
We may change the terms and conditions anytime, so please pay attention to them when you buy items
from us, thank you for your cooperation.

Item price
All of us are very care about the price, considering the win-win situation we offer you very reasonable
and best price which you can rest assured about it.

Your speak right
Customer is god, you can speak out your opinion or questions in our comment, feedback, suggestions and
so on. Of course, you should assured what you submission's is legal. As a online shop,it will affect other
customers to our whole impression and trust.

Termination between you and us
Either you or our website is terminated this agrement which is ok. If you don't obey our tems and conditions
you will have not access privileges to our website. You must clean up what you get from us, such as download
materials or other important information. Thank you for your cooperation!

The way to reduce your taxes, duties, tariffs ect
Some countries can apply for international orders which customer can get free taxes, free duties, free tariffs
or free brokerage, our website OBDexpress.co.uk is not responsible to these. We are try to reduce the
parcel price to reduce customers' tariffs.However, different countries have different regulations, if any one
can apply, please contact your local government.