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EDC17C46 read and write, any tested ECU programmer via OBD?

Purpose: clone an edc17c46 ECU
Ideal ECU programmer: Clone at cheap price
Review 1.
KTM bench ECU edc17c46 read and write flash + EEPROM ok
Review 2.
Ktag. 7.020 clone no Problem... Read (Backup) and write.
Review 3.
Kess genuine read VR / Write no problem
Kess clone no read / Write no problem, file found online or from friends.
Review 4.
Mpps = shit
Ktag read and write very well also clone
Review 5.
Fgtech original is ok
Review 6. Kess and KTAG v2.23 are working good with edc17c46. VR doesn't work.
Question: just looking for EU Ktag or Kess now and see most of the website have China one.
purple PCB is the one I should look for right?
Answer: purple PCB can be 100% sure it builds the EU clone. China has a green or red PCB.
But remember, full reworked green Kess V2 from China also works well. And it is a low budget clone for start business.
Like this one: Best + most popular
[caption id="attachment_24034" align="alignnone" width="500"] Kess Red Pcb[/caption]
Price: about €82 to the European country.
More details: Kess V2 5.017 China clone vs Kess V2 EU clone