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How to activate carprog full 8.21?

Well known, Carprog V8.21 needs activation but you will automatically get token renew after it used up, but ,how to ?
Here you are:

Firstly got one carprog 8.21 Perfect Online Version here

Next step is to install and active the carprog 10.93 software, the operation video was shared on Youtube:



How to active carprog 8.21:

Create a new folder "Carprog 10.93" on Desktop

Open Carprog 10.93 disk

Copy files (except "carprog821.rar") and paste it into the folder "Carprog 10.93" on Desktop


Run "Carprog v821" resister tool and copy hardware ID to a Notepad "8.21" established on Desktop



Provide ID to @, wait for the name and key to resister



Carprog 8.21 registration success!


Go on to check if it is working.


Carprog 8.21 can be used!