Lonsdor KPROG2 KPROG-2 Adapter for Lonsdor K518S/ K518ISE/ K518 PRO

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Product Description

Lonsdor KPROG-2 Adapter for Lonsdor K518 Series
Lonsdor KPROG-2 Adapter for K518 Series 

1. KPROG Adapter for Lonsdor K518ISE, K518S, K518 Pro Key Programmer, you can get it for backup or replacement.  

2. Support programming MCU and EEPROM on ECU circuit board.

How to Bind Lonsdor K518 KPROG Adapter

The Lonsdor K518ISE KPROG adapter is specialized for part of Volvo car series and the new Maserati
for the time being, the more car models supported will keep updating.  And the KPROG adapter must be bound to K518ISE before using, So how to blind K518ise KPROG adapter? Please follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1. Connect adapter to K518ISE with mainline
Step 2. Connect K518ISE with 12V power supply
Step 3. Enter into “Setting”
Step 4. Click “Bind adapter”
Step 5. Click “OK” to complete

After Bind KPROG adapter, you can use K518 to do key programming.

How to use Lonsdor K518 KPROG Adapter to read EEprom
Hardware connection: connect these accessories and plug to the main cable of the KPROG adapter, the adapter should be powered by 12V.

How Does Lonsdor K518S KPROG2 Reads Writes EEprom
Lonsdor KPROG-2 Adapter Support EEPROM Chip Read & Write List

24 series   Support ATMEL & ST chip    
AT24C01  128byte    
AT24C02  256byte    
AT24C04  512byte    
AT24C08  1K    
AT24C16  2K    
AT24C32  4K    
AT24C64  8K    
AT24C128 16K    
AT24C256 32K    

93 series; Support ATMEL & ST chip    
AT93C46-8bit  128byte  8-bit read and write mode    
AT93C56-8bit  256byte  8-bit read and write mode    
AT93C57-8bit  256byte  8-bit read and write mode    
AT93C66-8bit  512byte  8-bit read and write mode    
AT93C76-8bit  1024byte 8-bit read and write mode    
AT93C86-8bit  2048byte 8-bit read and write mode    
AT93C46-16bit   128byte  16-bit read and write mode    
AT93C56-16bit   256byte 16-bit read and write mode    
AT93C57-16bit   256byte  16-bit read and write mode    
AT93C66-16bit   512byte  16-bit read and write mode    
AT93C76-16bit   1024byte 16-bit read and write mode    
AT93C86-16bit   2048byte 16-bit read and write mode    

25 series; Support ATMEL chip    
AT25010   128byte    
AT25020   256byte    
AT25040   512byte    
AT25080   1K    
AT25160   2K    
AT25320   4K    
AT25640   8K    
AT25128   16K    
AT25256   32K    
AT25M01   1M    
AT25M02   2M    

95 series; Support ST chip    
95010   128byte    
95020   256byte    
95040   512byte    
95080   1K    
95160   2K    
95320   4K    
95640   8K    
95128   16K    
95256   32K    
95M01   1M    
95M02   2M    

Package List:
1pc x Lonsdor K518 Key kprog-2 adapter 

FoxFlash ECU Programmer with Gree Gifts
Xhorse & Autel & Lonsdor Remote Key

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Tech Service

Lonsdor K518ise adapter kernel Upgrade process

After the APK of K518ise device is upgraded to V1.6.0 version, the  KPROG adapter requires to be installed new kernel beforehand. Please refer to below operations.

Step 1: Connect the device to the specified adaptor and plug in 12V power, as shown below.


Step 2 : Start up the device, and input password to enter home screen. Click “Update firmware” button in below red box.


Step 3: The following interface appears, click “Install Adaptor” in below red box.

Step 4: It skips to the below interface, click “OK” to continue.

Step 5: It skips to below interface. You will see the progress indicator moving rightwards. When downloading is completed, click OK” and exit. The adaptor kernel is installed successfully.