Christmas Sale EU Ship No Tax 2023 VNCI 6154A ODIS VAG Diagnostic Tool for VW Audi Skoda Seat Skoda Bentley Lamborghini MAN Supports CAN FD/ DoIP Updated Version of VAS6154A

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 VNCI 6154A: 2023 VNCI 6154A ODIS VAG Diagnostic Tool for VW Audi Skoda Seat Skoda Bentley Lamborghini MAN Supports CAN FD/ DoIP Updated Version of VAS6154A
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Product Description

1. Replace VAS 6154A, Covering all VAG Group models from 1995 to 2023+
2. No need for third-party software,plug and play
3. Supports CAN FD and DoIP protocol
4. Compatible with with original ODIS drivers, Don't need third-party driver or driver manager
5. Compatible with ODIS V9.10, V10.1, V11.0 or above and ODIS Engineer V14.1 or above

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool for VW Audi Skoda Seat Supports WIFI

What is VNCI 6154A?
VNCI 6154A (red SVCI 6154A) is the OEM 6154A Diagnostic Adapter that is compatible with lastest version ODIS software. It perfectly replaces VAS 5054A and added supports CANFD, DOIP Protocol. VNCI 6154A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group including VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, Bentley, and Lamborghini etc..
VNCI 6154A Highlights
1. VNCI 6154A Compatible with with original ODIS drivers, Don't need third-party driver or driver manager.
2. With base station/hotspot mode switching button.
3. Compatible with ODIS driver V9.10, V10.1, V11.1 or above and ODIS Engineer V14.1, V15, V16 or above (Contact us for software download link)
4. Free license until 2030 year
5. Cover all original functions for all models from 1995 to 2023+
6. Supports WIFI and USB Connection
7. Supports win10 64bit systems.
8. Support 22 languages:
English (GB), English (US), French (FR), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Russian (RU), Greek (GR), Danish (DK), Croatian (HR), Italian (I), Hungarian (HU), Netherlands (NL), Polish (PL), Portugal (PT), Romanian (RO), Slovenian (SLO), Finish (FI), Swedish (SW), Turkish (TR), Czech (CZ), Japanese (JP), Chinese (CN), Korean (KO).

ODIS Latest Software Download:
ODIS S 23.0.1
ODIS E 17.01
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-5
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-1
Covered models:
Volkswagen: 1995Y-2023MY+
Audi: 1995MY-2023MY+
Seat: 1995MY-2023MY+
Skoda: 1995Y-2023MY+
Bentley: 1995MY-2023MY+
Lamborghini: 1995MY-2023MY+
MAN: 1995MY-2023MY+

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-2
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-3
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-4
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-4
VNCI 6154A Functions:

Online function
Clear fault codes
Flashing of hidden features
Coding and programming
Covering most of the models under Volkswagen Group's automotive brands
Support ODIS service v9.10/v10.0/v11.0+
Support ODIS Engineer v14.1/v15.0/v16.0+
100% Support DoIP protocol 
100% Support CAN FD protocol
Support KWP2000/UDS/CAN/K-Line......etc protocol
100% support all protocols
Vehicle diagnosis
Online/Offline programming
Flashing of hidden features
Support all ODIS service and ODIS engineer function

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-7
The Following Vehicle Bus Systems are Supported
K line (ISO9141-2)
High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2)
Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3)
J1850 (SAE)
New Type SVCI 6154A (Red VNCI 6154A) Fixed some bugs:
1. Fixed that Interface heats up after long time use (lost firmware)
2. Fully Supported CAN FD and Doip protocols
3. Compatible with Oiginal ODIS all versions driver(Old 6154 only compatible with Original V24 ODIS Driver)
4. Upgrade to support ODIS-S 9.1/10.0/V11.0 and ODIS-E V14.1/V15.1/V16
5. Directly use with ODIS and no need Driver Manager

What is the difference between NEW 6154 DOIP Version and normal 6154?

DOIP 6154 can supports DOIP diagnosis, especially it can do 2018 to 2020 new cars,
DOIP 6154 supports more protocols then the old 6154.
Usage recommendation:

The original ODIS service or ODIS engineer software must be installed original software
The original driver can not be replaced, and third-party ODIS driver can not be installed

Computer System requirements: 
Windows10 64-bit professional edition
4GB of memory
At least 100GB of free space on the C driver

VNCI 6154A power supply methods:
OBD port 12 power supply
USB port 5v power supply
Supports Three Types of Connection Methods:

USB connection mode: Connect VNCI 6154A with computer via USB cable
AP (WIFI) connection mode: Power to VNCI 6154A through the OBD port, and then connect VNCI 6154A with computer via device WIFI, similar to Bluetooth connection
Base station (WLAN ) connection mode: Add VNCI 6154A and current computer to the current WLAN, and then power to VNCI 6154A through the OBD port. 

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-8
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-9

LED light instructions:
Orange: Mode
Green: Power
Red: DoIP communication
Blue: Connection status
Button: AP connect mode and Station connect mode switch button

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-10
VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool-11

Packing List
1x 6154 Diagnosis Head.
1x USB cable

FoxFlash ECU Programmer with Gree Gifts
Xhorse & Autel & Lonsdor Remote Key

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How to connect the VNCI 6154 device

VNCI 6154A Firmware Upgrade Video

VNCI 6154A base station (router) mode connection test

VNCI 6154A Diagnostic Tool connects WiFi video

VNCI 6154A software installation video

Tech Service

VNCI 6154A VAG Diagnostic Tool is an OBD2 scanner for Volkswagen group vehicles including VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini & MAN. It has newly added CANFD, DOIP protocol to replace VAS 6154A, compatible with latest ODIS V9.10, ODIS Engineer V14.1 or above.

Reasons for recommending VNCI 6154A



  1. 100% support for all original factory functions: online function, clear fault codes, flashing of hidden features, coding and programming, etc.
  2. 100% supports original driver, no need for third-party software, plug and play.
  3. 100% support DoIP & CANFD protocol for VW group's electric vehicle ID series.
  4. 100% support KWP2000, UDS, CAN, K-line protocol to cover VAG models from 1995-2023+
  5. Supports different and latest versions of ODIS software.
  6. Supports 3 types of connection methods: USB connection mode, AP connection mode and station connection mode.
  7. Support 22 languages covering GB, US, FR, DE, ES, RU, GR, DK, HR, IT, HU, NL, PL, PT, RO, SLO, FI, SW, TR, CZ, JP, CN, KO.

Reasons for recommending VNCI 6154A
Reasons for recommending VNCI 6154A
Reasons for recommending VNCI 6154A


Installation Requirements

  1. Win10 64-bit Professional Edition, 4G Memory, at least 100G free space on C drive.
  2. Supply power: OBD port 12V, USB port 5V.
  3. The original ODIS V9.10, ODIS Engineer V14.1 or above software must be installed.
  4. The original factory driver CANNOT be replaced.
  5. The third-party ODIS drivers CANNOT be installed.


VNCI 6154A vs. VAS 6154A vs. Third-party 6154A

Feature VNCI 6154A Original VAS 6154A Third-party 6154A
Plug and play ×
CANFD/DoIP Partially supported
Compatible with original ODIS drivers ×
Third-party driver or device manager Not required Not required Required
Compatible with ODIS driver V9.10 or above Partially supported
Compatible with ODIS engineer V14.1 or above Partially supported
Device heating No heat Heats up Unknown
Online support Partially supported
Customizable serial number × Partially supported
After-sales maintenance cost Less than €19, 1 year free More than €280 Unknown


Button Instruction

Switch Button: switch AP mode and Station mode

Mode Light: orange

Power Light: green

DoIP Light: red

Conn Light: blue

Reasons for recommending VNCI 6154A


Why to choose VNCI 6154A?

  1. Free license until 2030 year.
  2. One year free maintenance, the second year cost will not exceed $19.
  3. Free firmware online upgrade.
  4. Free after-sales support.
  5. Suitable for individual enthusiasts, auto repair shops and authorized service stations. Low cost and investment for high return.