V3.0.1.0 CGDI MB Prog Programmer Add 7 New Functions

V3.0.1.0 CGDI MB Prog for Benz Key Programmer Add 7 New Functions

Product link:http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/cgdi-prog-mb-benz-key-programmer.html

Update link:  https://mega.nz/file/GbwGRa4K#-pe6ys5nepJ9B8fD-Gx9-r8jYBjAxz0-s_xGagh4K5I

1. Added CGDI MB keyless go key (76 version) resetting function.
2. Added the function of reading new BGA key to get EIS data.
3. Added operation tutorial viewing function.
4. Added Russian language. (Need to be authorized by dealer).
5. Added W203 ELV writing function.
6. Added the new W164 EIS (special) all key lost collection function. (The number of this W164 EIS is 164545, but the casing is new.)
7. Optimized interface layout and fixed BUG.

V3.0.0.0  CGDI MB Prog for Benz Key