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EU Ship No Tax OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool Covers 71 Brands and Over 9500 ECU Part No. by OBD/ BENCH Support Battery Reset for Audi by BENCH Free Update Online

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 OBDSTAR P50: OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool Covers 71 Brands and Over 9500 ECU Part No. by OBD/ BENCH Support Battery Reset for Audi by BENCH Free Update Online
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Product Description

OBDSTAR P50 is the new generation of intelligent airbag reset equipment, which has powerful function and wide coverage, covering 59 brands and over 9500 ECU part No. and some MCU. It's based on RK3128 quad-core processor, extremely fast and smooth; equipped with 5-inch capacitive touch sensitive screen.

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool

Please check the supported list before buying:
OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Support Car List (31/10/2023)
OBDSTAR P50 Battery Reset Support Car List (31/10/2023)
Buy Mileage Correction & Oil Light/ Service Reset Function Authorization, get the same Odometer Adjustment Function as the OBDSTAR Odomaster.

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Equipment

OBDSTAR P50 Highlights
1. Supports one-click airbag reset for 71 brands and over 9500 ECU part No.
2. Supports fuzzy search for ECU part No.
3. Contains clear BENCH mode wiring diagram 
4. Contains powerful and complete description files for fault code
5. One year update for free. ( After one year, you can buy OBDSTAR P50 Update Service for One Year Subscription ; PS: If you don't want to update, you can still use the device)
6. Ship from EU, fast & no tax.

More functions are in developing...
OBDSTAR P50 Advanced Functions:
Read ECU Information: Read ECU part number, historical frame number, current frame number, collision record.
Read DTC
Erase DTC
Read EEPROM: Read EEPROM data from ECU for backup
Write EEPROM: Write EEPROM data into ECU
Write VIN: Write back the correct VIN after executing [Crash Data Clear]
Clear/Erase Crash: Clear ECU crash data
Unlock ECU

OBDSTAR P50 Vehicle Coverage:
1. Supported 71 Brands
2. Over 9500 ECU part No. ( supporting fuzzy search )
3. MCU types: H8SX, RH850, SPC, XC2XXX, TC2XXX, TMS570...
P004 adapter is designed for ECU programming, reading or writing data in bench mode. It has merits below:

1. Programming devices keep in normal communication no matter turn on or off 12V power button;
2. Turn on or off 120Ω resistance at any time for CANBUS ECU;
3. Support 6&14 and 3&11 CANBUS communication at the same time;
4. Support GM Single CAN(GM SCAN);
5. Support K communication;
6. P004 jumper can connect with multiple wires at the same time, make wiring clearer and easier;
7. DB15 connector can communicate with any OBDII-16 I/O interface.

How to use OBDSTAR P50?
Please register the device before using
Instructions for registration
Distributor code: 0086A002
The general operation steps are as follows:
1. Read the part number---To see whether it reads the correct part number
2. Read fault codes---Check if there is an airbag crash fault
3. Clear the fault code---A few car models' airbag fault codes can be cleared by cleaning the fault codes directly
4. If reading EEPROM is supported, please read EEPROM
5. Clear the collision record
6. If there is a write VIN function, please write VIN ( Very few Ford and Renault models' VIN information will be erased when cleaning the fault codes)
7. Clear the fault code
8. Read the fault code---To confirm that the fault has been successfully cleared

P50 Update Information:

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.46 ( 11/08/2023)

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.46

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.43 ( 27/06/2023)

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.43

Battery Reset V30.06 comming ! 
OBDSTAR P50 Battery Reset Update

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to 7100 ECU part No. Supported ( 14/04/2023)

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.34( 28/02/2023 )

Working with CAN FD Adapter
P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.34

P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade to V30.33 ( JAN. 12th, 2023)
Working with CAN FD Adapter
OBDSTAR P50 Specifications:

Operation system

Android 5.1.1


RK3128 quad-core ARM cortex A7


2600mA, rechargeable polymer lithium battery

Extension memory card

32G micro SD (TF) card supported

LCD 5.0 inch

LCD resolution


Touch screen

Capacitive touch screen



Working temperature -20℃~55℃ (14℉~131℉)

Storage temperature

-20℃~70℃ (-4℉~158℉)


About 700g



Package List:
1pc x OBDSTAR P50 main unit
1pc x Main cable
1pc x P004 adapter
1pc x P004 jumper
1pc x 12V2A charger

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Tech Service

This post comes with the guide about how to reset airbag by OBDSTAR P50 on bench.

OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool
(incl. P50 main unit+ P004 jumper+ P004 adapter+ main cable)
Airbag ECU: e.g.FORD EcoSport ECU
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Keep OBDSTAR P50 in charging and communication in the whole process. Also ensure the internet connection is normal.
Main operation guide:
Select Airbag Reset>> Airbag Reset V30.17 (choose the newest version)>> Auto Search Part Number
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Note: click ‘Operation instruction’ at the bottom left to check the best detect way.
Input the part number of ECU manually
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Note: The part number can be found on ECU’s label. The number input is case- insensitive. Fuzzy retrieval is supported.
Confirm the value entered is correct.
Select the related airbag ECU model in the list
Refer to the ‘Diagram’ at the bottom left corner to connect cables correctly
Different cars are with different airbag ECU, choose the corresponding wiring diagrams.
Connect P004 adapter and P50 with the main cable
Then connect P004 adapter and airbag ECU with the P004 jumper
Set the 120Ωresistance switch of P004 adapter to on
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
2.Airbag reset
Main steps: Read DTC>> Backup EEPROM data>> Erase Crash>> Erase DTC>> Read DTC again
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Step 1: Read DTC
There is a crash fault code (CRASH Event Storage Full and Locked!!!)
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Step 2: Read and backup EEPROM data
Before airbag reset, read EEPROM in advance function and then save it in case of data lost caused by wrong operation.
Reset Airbag by OBDSTAR P50 on BenchOBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset AirbagOBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds and turn on again Step 3: Erase Crash
Choose the EEPROM data saved in the last step to erase crash data
Confirm the Read EEPROM function has been executed
Erase crash in file success
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Press ‘Start’ at the left bottom to start Write EEPROM function
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
Turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds and turn on again
Step 4: Erase DTC
Click ‘Erase DTC’ to clear fault code
Crash fault code has been erased successfully
Step 5: Read DTC again
Read DTC again to check the fault code, there is no crash fault code on the screen.
OBDSTAR P50 Guide to Reset Airbag
That’s the operation guide to reset airbag by OBDSTAR P50 on bench. Easy and fast!
Besides, OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus and ODOMaster also can reset airbag. Check more details in OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/ ODOMaster/ P50 Reset Airbag Guide (Attach Support Car List)