Tips to solve your package problems incurred during clearance

What will you do if your package encounter customs clearance issues?

If you encounter this problem, you can contact us. We will supply you the shipping invoice which you have to submit to customs. Besides this, we will also contact China DHL to help you deal with such situation at the same time.

Ecuador customers attention:

According to the new Ecuador customs clearance regulations, the following contents must be included in the commercial invoice that we provide to DHL Company:
1. Shipper LOGO printed at the top left corner
2. Signature, seal of Company/Firm
2. Invoice number, correct number of f items, shipping date
3. Full receiver contact information: address, contact name, phone number
4. Country of origin, product brand name, the full description of goods (name, function, ingredients)
5. Item number.

For different customs and goods value needs different ones of above documents. Berofe preparing the above documents, you need to check with your local express company to help them to do the customs clearance.

In order to successfully clear your package, please leave us your contact information: address, contact name, phone number when you ordered in our website. Otherwise your package may will be detained for up 8 days, so be fined 130usd per package. Please understand.