What will we do to reduce your import tax?

If you have specific requirements on the declare value of invoice that we will give DHL when we ship your package, please leave a message on our website or mail to sales@OBDexpress.co.uk, we will do as you requested.

If you have no instruction about the invoice declare value, usually we will declare the item value range from 20USD-200USD which depends on the package weight and package volume.

Spanish customers attention:

As customs of spain are checking severely. If your product will be shipped out by express shipping and you want us to write a low invoice value to avoid the high custom fees. Our Usual Practice: you need to pay extra money to our PayPal account molenddypay@gmail.com. Then you can use the extra money to clear the clearance. When you get the product, please notify us, we will refund the extra money to you.

Product weight                 extra money

0-2kg                                40 EUR
2kg-6kg                             60 EUR
6kg-up                               80 EUR

If you do not want to pay the extra money, we will write the real value on the invoice. Because once the custom find the value is not compatible, it will cause a lot of troubles. Please understand.